My glasses story

Hello my lovely readers.

In Setember I had to realize that I have some problems with eyes...hoesntly I knew it also long before but when I started stuying it hit me more thn ever.

And so my boyfriend got sick of my ''whos that?' ''what does it say?'' and took me one day to check my eyes and get me glasses.

I knew that I have problems with my eyes already some years ago, and when I started blogging and use my computer more..I guess I made it even worse.

The problem is that my eyes tend to hurt when Im long looking at comuter screen, I see nothing in distance...honeslty all is bury, and also when Im in uni i offten dont see the screen with ofno teacher is showing. 

Sure it all meand one - I need glasses. 

After my eyes and vision was checked turns out one of my eyes mesh is not round but oval, and it automaticaly makes my vision bad.

It sure as hell meant that I need to spend an hour in the salon choosing the glasses. And after so many tries I decided to get these ones (in the photo)

I was not really into wearing them for a month or so because  felt that tey are not looking good on me. But after some time I got used to them and now Im not affraid to go out with them 

Thing I have noticed while I have glasses....there more attention from men while you have glasses than if you dont. And its not just me, some of my friends have said the sam. Guys, explain? ;D

My advice if you have poblems with eyes - please go get glasses. There so much of them and you sure will get the ones that looks just perfect. Because if theres a thing I learnd is that - it wont get better. it only get worse.

And the difference is huge. I remember how I first went in shop wiith glasses - I was like damn how colorful it actually is.

When  year ago i spend hours working on laptop my eyes used to its gotten much better. 

Heres my boyfriend and me pretending to be rich doctor couple haha. 

Whats your experence with glasses? 

All the love.



  1. I've been wearing glasses for years but only just got some new ones last week so I relate to spendinga ages choosing the right pair haha!
    Soph - x

  2. The glasses look lovely on you! I understand it must be hard to get used to but if it benefits your life then it's definitely worth it :)
    Alice Xx

  3. I am so scared that I'll need to wear glasses (I know it will come eventually, but hopefully not anytime soon). I also recently bought those glasses with blue light protection to wear while I'm on the computer and they honestly help a lot.
    Also, I think these look great on you. You chose a classic frame that will not go out of style and can be paired with all outfits.. Nice choice! :)

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram - personal blog Beehive


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