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Hello my lovely readers.

Winter is finally letting us go and I couldn't be happier.

Not only I can't wait for summer, sun, fresh warm air but also my skin needs the vitamins. And the thing is that I have very sensitive skin.

This problem been with me also when I was little and I guess theres nothing I can do than just keep searching for good beauty products that calms my skin.

And in todays post I wanna share with you the best products for my sensitive skin from my opinion.*


  • Mixa Pro-Tolerance Soothing Rich cream - face&eyes - dry& intolerant skin 

This one is probably the best cream for my face ever. I will probably never changed it for another one. And the best thing about this one is that you can apply it also to your eyes. I have extra sensitive skin around my eyes and when  I started using this cream it actually became better than before. I usually used it two times a day - before sleep and in the morning before my make up.

  • Nivea cream 
Old but still good. I always have this at home and often I take it with me for a trips or simply when I know I will be longer gone from home. What I love about this cream is its oily texture and my ski never been complaining about this one. And another plus is that you can use it almost every where. After shaving, taking make up off, dry skin, sunburnt.....basically everywhere. 

  • Mixa Make up remover Milk for sensitive skin 
I think this doesn't even ask for a explanation. Mixa is simply probably the best thing that sensitive skin can ask for. Some time ago while I was still searching for the one I had to deal with so many products that would hurt my eyes....not Mixa.

  • Catrice all matt plus she control foundation 
Funny story how I found this - the best foundation for me. My friend had this and she didn't have the right tone for it - too light. I always ave had a light skin so she offered it to me and turns out its mine tone - and I felt in love. Tone is just like my skin colour and you don't actually feel it when its on your skin. Very natural feeling and it doesn't make your skin dry. 


  • Dove shower gel 
First shower gel from who I can choose all the smells and try different ones. Usually I don't believe those commercials that says how good their product is and so on, but with this one I can say it really is as in commercial says. 

  • Johnson's baby oil 
Just as with  Nivea cream this one you can also use for everything....I guess it won't be bad even if you use it for face. It's for babies so you can be sure it will be gentle also for your skin. 

  • Hand creme from Latvian brand - Madara
If you ever will be in Latvia and you love to try out new things go to shop Madara, its a cosmetic brand and all products comes from natural ingredients found in Latvias nature. And mu absolute favie  form them is their northern plum and linden flower hand cream. Its really oily, fast absorbs in skin and smells like heaven. 

Hair and scalp 

  • Noah restorative treatment hair mask 
Even my head is sensitive imagine, but I guess its encased of my blonde hair ( blonde hair care blog post here ). And so I found this hair mask from heaven. It smells so wonderful and is so good for you hair. I used it only for a month after I already saw how my hairs were getting much better. It doesn't have any chemistries in it so it not only good for your hair but also for skin. 

  • Alama shampoo's
Very good shampoo's. Currently I'm using their blue shampoo to get the ideal blonde tone once again and I can say that it's very powerful and doesn't make your hair dry as some of them does. And it smells like candies.

Make up 

  • Essence 
Not the most expensive one but I have been using it for ages and it never makes me disappointed.....just some different products. Im absolutely in love with their liquid eye liner, its simply the best. Lipsticks are good too only maybe not so long lasting. And you can find pretty good mascaras too. 

These are the products I have been using for long now and they are really worth cent you spend. The thing with my skin is that the more expensive cosmetics I buy the more allergic reaction I get on my skin. So Im pretty happy with these ones. 

What are you favourite products you been using for years?

Have an wonderful day. 

Annie xx

* Just remember that there things were good for my skin and maybe they won't for yours.


  1. Lovely post! It's nearly winter here and I find this post really helpful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ooh, I've never heard of Mixa but they sound like a great brand! I'll have to look them up!

    Rhianna x

  3. I have really sensitive skin so always love recommendations for products! Great post | Lex

  4. I have sensitive skin on my face so I use Dr Organic's Hemp Oil Moisturiser from Holland and Barrett. Great Post!


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