Make up of the day.

Hello, my lovely readers.

It's a lovely Sunday and I hope you all are having a great relaxing time.

Today will be a bit different blog post than I usually write, only because it's always fun to try something new right? Today I will talk about my makeup I usually do every day.

So it means that in this blog post there will be a lot of my face, which makes me a bit uncomfortable, but life is all about breaking your comfort zone right?

So I really do hope no one will really judge me because I'm so not one of those girls who do those contour and all those kind of stuff, so it's like a real minimalist make up I would say haha.

For my face to cover some things up I use Essence camouflage 2 in 1 makeup and concealer. Honestly, I think that Essence is a very good brand and while going through my makeup bag I understood that 60% of it all consists of Essence makeup products.

Also, a note that before I put any makeup on I have to deal with the allergy that I usually got in winter. For that, I use a really nice cream that's actually meant for the babyface.

When I'm done with my face covering and healing I move to my eyebrows and for that, I also use Essence eyebrow pencil. My eyebrows naturally are very thick and I actually sometimes hate it, so that's why I usually just color them so they got a smooth tone.

After I'm done with eyebrows I move to eyes and with eyes, usually, it takes the most time for me, mostly because I can't decide what tones I want to use.

So at first, I used a very light tone of eyeshadows from RL DE Young XXLglam eyeshadow palette. And after that, I used a bit darker brown tone from BYS Nude exposed eyeshadow palette.

Then it's time for eyeliner and this one is of course from Essence haha. Dip liquid eyeliner. Today I first time tried to apply it with a different brush not with the one that's in the tube, and I can honestly say that it is much easier than with the original.

And the last for eyes is mascara. And I can say that it's somehow so hard to find a good mascara. At the exact moment, I use Essence All eyes on me multi-effect mascara. Yes it's damn good and my lashes look damn long, but somehow I feel like I need to search more for the one and only mascara.

And the last thing that always has to be on is a damn good lipstick.I used Avon Mark epic lip lipstick Luv U. Got an example of this and I totally love it.

Almost forgot to mention another thing I use, but most of the times I somehow manage to forget it. It's Essence mattifying compact powder.I usually use it in days when my face looks extra oily to masks it all.

Another important thing for a perfect day's look is your outfit. And today I was a bit different than usualy,because I understood that it's actually very fun to wear your boyfriend's clothes together with some nice skirt.

Who can even tell that it's a boy's shirt and if it can then what's so big deal about it right?

What makeup products do you use every day?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

All the love. Annie xx


  1. I really love this makeup look! Such a nice lipstick!

  2. I really liked this makeup look! The lipstick looks really good and the eye shadow is very simple but chic!

  3. Loved this! I also have them Avon lipsticks.

    Soffy //

  4. Ooo, I love this make-up look! I prefer a more minimalist look myself too - I don't bother doing any contouring either haha. Your pictures are great too - so pretty! You have nothing to worry about :)


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  6. That lipstick looks so good on you! I don't think I've ever tried any of these products although I have heard some really good things about essence x


  7. Loved this post! Your makeup looks great and that lip color is beautiful for you!

  8. Beaut! That lipstick shade is amazing!

  9. Avon do some lovely makeup products! This is a pretty makeup look, I also love your nail polish! Xx

  10. Hey there pretty! First of all I admire you for posting so much of yourself here haha I'm always amazed with people that do that (as you know I don't show myself on my blog for some odd reason). Anyway, I really like that you showed your everyday routine, without any over-the-top steps and products which makes this post relatable. Btw, high five Essence lover! My makeup is probably 85% of their products... you can also try their liquid ink waterproof eyeliner and false lashes mascara (with pink, not orange)
    again, great photos!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram


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