Pet Friendly Places in Riga

Hello, my lovely readers.

I promised to be back with some dog related posts. Today I want to share my opinion about pet-friendly places and the actual need of them.

I'm not here talking only about coffee places, but also this question pops up when we want to travel with our little buddies or find a new home. The thing is that our lives should not get harder at the moment when we decided to have a pet.

So that's why today I made a list of places where you can go with your pets with no problems here in my hometown Riga.

Let's start with my favorite part and it's coffee shops. Like there's nothing better than knowing you can just get into some cute cafe and warm up after a long walk and no one gets left outside.

The places where you both can get coffee are like Caffeine, Costa Coffee. Rocket Bean Roastery. arbOOZ cafe. Miit Coffee, Cafe Mierā, Index Cafe, All Cappucino, Innocent Cafe, NomNom Cafe.

Yes, all of those places are pretty much hipstery but what's the point you can get your dog in there with no weird looks.

Here's us enjoying our favorite peppermint mocha in one of the friendly places.

Doing this little research I found it very funny that there are even pet-friendly if you want to have a nice Friday night out but you are going only with your dog haha.

What I found really sad is that there's no shopping center that would allow your pets too ( honestly, I find it really cruel when I see that people have left the dog outside the shopping center's in cold.) and also the public transportation is really not pet friendly at all and I think there should be a little bit friendlier rules about getting from one place to other with your dog.

Photo from Google.
What made me absolutely happy about this little research I did is that I found a lot of hotels that welcomes also your dog. And not only in Riga but you can find these pet-friendly hotels all around Latvia and see more than just capital.

And not only hotels, there you can also find SPA, guest houses and more and more chances for your family trip with your dog. So what are you still waiting for? Pack your suitcase and come to Latvia.

Here you can find more -

I checked just places in Latvia, how about your country? Is there a lot of pet- friendly places?

All the love. Annie xxx


  1. I don't have a dog myself, but if I had one I would certainly want to bring it on my travels!
    x Angel /

  2. I like pet-friendly places. Owners are for sure compassionate. :)

  3. In the past few years, our shopping centers have accepted pets and also our public transport allows them under certain conditions. I'm a huge dog lover, but honestly some people shouldn't be allowed to take their pets anywhere. I also get it that some people may be afraid and you actually never know if your dog is going to snap, so wearing a muzzle should be a must (especially in crowded places like public transport) and there are people that let their huge dogs just be there without a leash or a muzzle. That's not OK. There are many more examples I've seen, but basically the owners are the ones to blame. I get that, but you can't control who is an idiot and who is a normal dog/pet owner so I get it why pets are forbidden to enter some places...
    love the post, your dog is a freaking cutie!!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

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  5. Hey, girl! Planning to go to riga for new years, could you name some of the bars that allow dogs?:)

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