4 days in Malta in photos

Hello my lovely readers.

It's been a while again but let me tell you one thing - I been thinking a loot and I feel like I need to keep doing all this thing I have here ( probably Im getting this inspiration from ''you'')

So in February my boyfriend and I went for a little trip and today I want to tell you all about it.

When you try to think of a place where to got with you loved one you usually come up with some romantic place....we? We wanted adventure and we sure got one.

We got our very first adventure the very moment we landed on the beautiful island Malta. Turns out the taxi drivers are not really professional when it comes to adresses.

We took a min flat 10 minute away from airport and instead of 10 minutes it took us  1 hour to get there because the driver took us to another city.

Weeelll...not that bad right? We had a mini tour almost for free haha.

When we got to the flat finally I have to say I was shocked....but in a good way. Flat...or a house...was small and it had one room in every floor.....and the stars...well lets says not the best house to trow a party at

The next thing that made us stress a bit....but it was definitely our own fault....we didn't know that they have UK kind of contacts.....those who don't know Europe has different one....so yeah both our phones were dying and we kind of had a great stress till we found the first souvenir shop  :D

 I really liked the way Malta looks, with these browns tones and small streets. But with every house looking exactly the same its really hard for us tourists haha

The very first moment we put foot on Malta I felt in love. It's very first warm country I visited and my boyfriend litterly laughed about me when I screamed like crazy because I saw a palm tree for the first time in life.

We actually thought about swimming....it was February.

First day in Malta and it's so freaking warm. Even if it was only 17 degrees it still felt like summer because back home it was snowy and cold. 

 View from our balcony.

 I guess the not so cool part about travelling alone with you bf is that you never get cute pictures, you just get funny selfies like this one.

About the food - we tried fish soup it was dammnn delicious. Note that Malta has some really really delicious beer.

Last night we spent grilling on our balcony. Which actually is kind of a funny story. We were in Malta 4 days and we choose the most windy day to have a grill night. Not only it was windy, it was very cold too. 

Actually, its weird how the Malta weather works, because when it's day it's sunny and warm the moment sun goes down....lets say you better have your warm jumper with you. 

It was a short trip but very very nice one a good way how to restart a little bit from winter. After all I am very happy and this was one of my first trips to a warm country...an island actually. 

Definitely not the last one. 

Have you ever been there ? 

All the love.
Annie xx


  1. Malta looks like such a lovely place, the sceneary is amazing and the sea looks gorgeous. You photos are lovely! X

  2. Malta looks beautiful. Im looking for somewhere to go with my family for a few days this summer and Malta is on my list of maybes.


  3. So glad you took a positive from your taxi driver taking you to the wrong city! These photos are lovely, looks like a gorgeous place!

    Jenny in Neverland

  4. I've always wanted to travel to Malta. It looks beautiful there! And a trip isn't an adventure without some stressful moments right 😅

    Laura ☆ www.laurahasablog.co.uk


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