Winter day out.

Hello, my lovely readers.

And Happy New Year to everyone. I hope it has started good for you and I also wish for all the goals you have set happens.

Some time ago I was out of blog post ideas, so I tried to find inspiration in every place possible. And then I found on Pinterest a really long list of ideas and one of them was a ''Winter day out'' with a camera.

We have started the ''Dog year'' very least we thought so. So let's take a look at our beautiful day together with the lil buddy Christofer.

This year winter hasn't come to us, honesty this year it even hasn't been cold. So sadly, no winterish and white photos in this looks like autumn or early spring honestly. And honestly, since we have a dog in our flat, I'm kinda glad that there's no snow. Also, when it's not that cold we all are able to endure long walks and not freeze to death. Today we walked around for 4 hours.

Since, we are living in almost a city center (5 minutes walk away from the very center) the places where you can go to walk your dog are not very much. And thank God we somehow found a really cute park which is like 20-30 minutes walk from our home. It's not huge, but there's even a separate dog training spot. Our Christofer is too small but later we definitely will make him train there.

Our walk always ends up with talking with lots of strangers who just comes to you and asks a million questions about the dog. And let's not forget all those looks given. So basically, it turns out that you cant walk your dog bad, you have to look good because everyone's watching all the time.

In case you were wondering how the hell we made so nice photos, then it's because of our new Yi 4k action camera, which is basically the same as GoPro cameras.

The best of these walks is that you don't have a destination and you just walk where your nose shows you. And it also happened for us. You may think that Riga is a small city but it has a lot of small streets and we almost got lost. 

This was a perfect day and I really enjoyed it together with my two amazing boys. 

Hope you enjoyed it. All the love Annie xx

P.S. Best wishes for my sister. It's her birthday today!!!! xxx


  1. Your dog is adorable! It indeed really looks like you had a perfect day. Really pretty pictures!
    Happy Birthday to your little sister!
    x Angela /

  2. Omg, your dog is sooo cute! :o it looks like you ended up finding a beautiful place to go for a walk, and had such a great day out - your pictures are amazing! I definitely prefer it being not as cold, although snow is so pretty and I always wish for it at Christmas haha. Hope your sister had a great birthday too :)


  3. These photos are lovely! Glad you had a good time Xx

  4. These photos are lovely! Glad you had a good time xx

  5. Happy birthday to your sister. Great post. Looks like you had a great and calm day.


  6. Sounds like a good winters day, and I love those action cameras! Good purchase!


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