Riga - Stockholm - Riga (Part2)

Hello, my lovely readers.

Thank you all for the nice words in my previous post. I'm glad you enjoyed it and got excited to read Part 2.

Today all about the fun we had in the city.

Our day started at 9am and we had very fabulous breakfast on the ship. I mean like, we had champagne for free at breakfast. 

The ship was rocking all night long and when in the morning my boyfriend screamed at me -Look out the window my first thought that came to my mind was -  we are sinking. Nopes, all safe. Turns out it was just this beautiful sunrise.

In this picture, you can't see but there was another ship just in front of us and it looked really amazing.

Back to breakfast. We ate breakfast at the same restaurant we had dinner last night, thank god this time I didn't  have half a chicken on my plate. but very delicious apple pancakes with maple syrup. They had the best orange juice ever and the worst coffee ever.

Anyway, after breakfast, the ship stopped at the port.And it was time to take my first steps in Stockholm.

We found a little map so it was much easier to orient in the city, also thank god I got a boyfriend who's a master in maps and it was no problem for him to understand where we need to go to get to the center.

This was the first view out of the port and I was very happy with what I saw. I really loved how mountain full was the city.

At some point, we got a bit lost. not like lost, we just couldn't get off the circle because we couldn't figure out which way from all was the real one.

But after we did figure all out it was just 15  minutes to the king's castle and also the center was there.

The prettiest hotel I have seen.

Getting up to castel's entrance. The castle is so huge, just like the whole old Riga if not even bigger.

After taking some cool photos, which felt and looks like we are on some kind of roof. It was time for my favourite time in the all traveling times - Shopping!!

And we found our way to that large and amazing shopping street.

This may look ''basic''and funny for you but in reality, this is just how my boyfriend doesn't let me take us to bankrupt. Joking. I actually just really wanted this kind of picture hehe.

Who is the luckiest girl in the world? I am. I know I got an early Christmas present. But I won't tell you what's inside the bag. You will find it out only after Christmas.

And of course, we also went to Starbucks and got some very gingerbready lattes.Must say, it was too gingerbready.

We ate lunch at the city and then went back to ship. Somehow we were really really tired, I even fell asleep as I lay down on the bed back in our cabin.

After my power nap, we got some more lottery tickets and turns out we have no luck for life probably because we won nothing again.But that's fine, we were very happy anyway.

Next morning we woke up also at  9amand it was time for the last breakfast on the ship and then home sweet home.

 Never try these lil cakes. My boyfriend told me not to take them, but I wanted anyways.Turns out they taste very shitty. Looks cute but that's all. This morning we did not take champagne for breakfast  hehe 

And this is guys how our little anniversary trip went. I'm literally the happiest girl on the planet and I literally have the best boyfriend on the planet. 

I'm so happy to have you and I love you very much baby.

Thank you all for reading. 

All the love.Annie xx


  1. Sweden looks amazing! It's really on my 'places I want to travel' list. Also, yay! Champagne for breakfast! I am very curious what you got for christmas, girl! Guess I'll have to wait untill after christmas ~
    Personally I would never get on a ship for my holiday. But that sunrise certainly looks stunning! Glad you had a nice anniversary trip <3

    Happy Anniversary, darling!

    x Angela / sincerelyangiejj.com


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