Rafael. The puppy story.

Hello,my lovely readers.

A very different post than usual. Today you will read a blog post from my puppy's point of view. Enjoy.

It's Ralf here sometimes they call me Raffi or Raffaelo.... I think it's cool, confuses me a lil but I will get used to i. I'm a lil collie puppy wanting to grow big faster. I'm only three months old.

I have a really cool flat in Riga's center where I live with my new parents, they are really cool. My mummy never gets mad at me. I can't say the same about daddy, sometimes he gets mad at me when I have done something I wasn't supposed to. But they are really cool.

At some times we drive back to old homes where I get to meet my mummy Mia and my brother Christofer. He's a bit older than me,but we always have the best time together.

Sometimes I get a bit jealous, I think Christofer loves my parents as much as I do. He was first living in the Riga's flat..but then he decided he was more of a countrysides dog, while I'm more of the big king sized bed's dog.

Ohh yes, my parents have the best bed ever.When daddy's at work, mommy lets me sleep next to her. I'm not supposed to sleep on the bed when daddy's home, because as they say there'snot enough space for all of us. I think it's a lie and sleep there anyway. 

I always have a really nice time outside. My mummy loves walking hours with me in different ways.And she always gets so cheerful when I poop.Mom's are so weird ehh. But I get so tired after all those walks.

Actually, I get tired very fast. I think my parents don't understand that, they get all worried that I'm so lazy, but I just wanna sleep a lot. 

And I'm so hungry all the time. And then they get's all mad because I steal their food. Once mummy was drinking something dark red from a beautiful glass. I just wanted to be sure that its safe.Ohh damn she got so mad. Daddy was mad too, never trying it again it tasted horrible too. 

Mummy is so emotional all the time.Once she was watching a movie about other dogs, she cried a lot and hugged me after every 5 minutes. Sure it's sweet, but please I'm a man, what others will think. 

Duddy is different, he lets me lick plates after he's eaten and rubs my belly a lot. Not so emotional. Thank God. Can't wait when it will get warmer and we will lay the ball on the beach.

We love taking photos.I think this is the best one. Mummy and I have matching hair color isn't it amazing. Sadly,I don't have a picture with daddy. But hopefully soon.

Honestly, I think I'm the luckiest dog ever. I love my life and I'm very happy. 

I hope you enjoyed.

All the love Annie and Ralf. xx 


  1. Such a cute post! I love it. I'm a total dog person so I couldn't resist reading this. Awesome. And he is cute ♥
    also, my dog fell asleep after like 2 steps. we thought he's sick or something. turned out he was just very very young and got tired fast. then he grew up and we couldn't stop him haha
    I love the photos, please share more of this cuteness :)

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram


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