Second time visiting London.

Hello, my lovely readers.

See, as I promised I'm back with a new post. This time I want to share with you another adventure and it's London again.

 If you were reading my blog in September 2016 then you maybe remember my first time visiting London and how over excited I was about everything. This time it wasn't that bad but still, my phone has at least 200 new pictures ( okay I'm probably being a bit dramatic here) Anyways. back to the trip. So the biggest difference was that this time it was early Spring...last year it was basically late...very late Summer and also that this was the first serious trip for my boyfriend and me.

This time in London it was not so much walking through the city for the first time, this time we also visited some museums and something like that.

Hello from Ealing. This time we stayed at my boyfriend's mum's friend's house so at least no need to worry about a hotel or like that. I absolutely loved Ealing it had the small town's atmosphere.

The weather was treating as real well the whole trip, sunny, warm and springy. On our first day there we walked through the city and went to the first museum. It was the British museum. 

It sure as hell looks huge from the outside but when you go inside and tart walking through the rooms and you feel like half of the museum is get pretty disappointed when you see that only a small corner of the whole house is done and there's million more room to see. 

At first, we were really carefully looking at everything....after an hour or so we started to walk much faster because it was coming to the closing time.

Some city views. It's actually kind of funny and weird at the same time how I randomly remembered some ways from September. For example, my boyfriend last time he was in London didn't go to Piccadilly circus, but my sister and I last time went there pretty often and somehow I remember the way. 

Next day came with more walking and more '' oh look at this damn car'' you know they say true love is not when you get flowers and chocolate, but when you listen about cars and their engine all day long and carefully listen to every word. I must admit, this one looks really cool.

The first museum for the day was Science museum and most of the time in this museum I was walking with my mouth open. Must admit, if my boyfriend wouldn't be next to me and explain most of the things, I would spend there the whole day reading descriptions and trying to understand what is what.

Of course, I took a photo of Titanic. Absolutely loving this little model.

After that, it was time for the National history museum. Not the biggest fan of all the stuffed animals there, but I really enjoyed the dinosaur room. After this room, I have a new nickname. So a lot of you now know that I'm vegetarian and probably all of you know that some of the dinosaurs were herbivorous. And they had very small head comparing to their big bodies. So basically they were kind of stupid and my genius boyfriend found it funny to call me stupid herbivorous...well....yeah. Now you all can laugh haha. ( and sorry for the bad picture, it's hard to get those giants in one picture)
Some more city walks. And id you know that it's even cooler to go in these together?  Cheers to the basic tourist pictures haha. 

 This is the first British pub we got drunk. It was Friday night and we absolutely didn't want to stay at home so we went to this. I was just 5-minute walk away from our house in Ealing.

Honestly, we felt like some kind of celebrities there. British people who were sitting next to us started talking to us, asking where we from, how we say that in Latvian and that. It felt nice. And this bar had a really tasty beer. 

And let's not forget about the Starbucks. I was cheering like crazy everytime we went there. Must say that they are no different that Costa for example, but I still love it like crazy. Btw we also went to Costa Coffee and I finally had the chance to see if it's any different from Costa where I work.

One of the last days in London we had a shopping day and we also had some nice walks in the Soho. 
In the  Soho, we also found one perfect little place where to eat lunch.

And now let's take a moment to look at these huge plates we got. Please take a notice that my vegetarian food is much bigger than my boyfriend's plate. As you all probably already thought I did not eat it all by myself. But it was cheap and very delicious. Sorry, I did not take a notice at what's the place called. But it had the really nice atmosphere of a nice family kind of restaurant where everyone is welcome.

Look at the cute matching phone covers we got. They were really expensive and I'm sure we won't ever buy anything like that again, but uh I love these so much. The seller even gave us a discount for them and offered to take also hats like that :D

Also, I have to brag a bit and show you the cute bracelet my boyfriend got me in National History museum. I'm so in love with it.

I have to say that these were absolutely amazing 6 days together. We didn't kill each other yay. Joking. I really think that this trip has made us stronger and I suggest every couple take a trip together, it really does make you both stronger. Thank you to the all amazing people who made this trip possible.

And at the end a cute little selfie from the airport. You can see the tiredness in my eyes.

Thank you for readin.

All the love. Annie xx