To do list on a rainy day.

Hello, my lovely readers.

I'm really disappointed in this summer so far...hnestly! Summer's here most of the time were sunny and hot, this year something has changed and it's kind of cold.Most of my summer's when I was little I was spending at my grandparent's house and I can't remember a single day when it was raining and I would be bored. In my memory all summer days where sunny. Maybe my brain just doesn't want to remember that...who knows. Okay, so you can really see I'm bored....Monday ramblings here we come haha.

Today it's  raining...the kind of rain that it's for the whole day and you can't do anything. That's why I came up with this  idea for a blog post because we all know that when it's rainy it also gets kind of boring.

1. Cleaning time -  Usually, a rainy day means sitting at home. At least for me, these days are the ones where I don't want to leave the house. Yeah, sometimes such a miracle happens. And why wouldn't it be a nice time for some cleaning? Get rid of the clothes you don't wear anymore, or give away the books you won't read anymore to someone who will love them. There's a lot of things you can do in your room and flat. At least you won't be bored and it will feel really productive. Some time ago I wrote tips for how to get rid of things you don't need anymore. 

2. Colouring books for adults - This is probably the best thing invited in last years. I so love these colouring books and now I have two. And honestly, that is the best way what to do when you feel kind of bored. Those drawings just take you, and you suddenly forgot everything you needed to do. At first, you feel like you will never finish the drawing but after an hour it's done and you already want to do more. The best thing is that in all the bookstores you can find so many different kinds of them with Harry Poter, with nature, ith fashion...everyone can find something they like. So set up your favourite playlist and start colouring. 

3. Read -  Reading is the best to do no jokes. Currently, I'm reading C.L. Taylor's ''The missing'' it's quite different from all the other books I have read but I'm absolutely loving it. A funny thing to do when you feel like reading but don't know what - take out all your childhood or teenage books. Once I was really bored and I found all those teenage romance books. Guys, you can't imagine how funny it was. I know I really loved those books when I was like 14... Jesus, it's just too funny. 

4. Do something you have planned to do for ages - We all have those things we want t do, but we are cancelling all the time because we don't have a time and they are not that important. Now you don't have and excuse and you have to do it. Whatever it is just do it and don't wait any longer. 

5. Do a blog makeover - If you have planned to do this for a long time, why not to do it on a day when you have nothing to do? Changing something in your blog or improving it is always a good idea. Because we all need something new once in a time right?

6. Start a blog - If you are not already in the blogging world, why not to join and start your own blog? Everyone always things - what i will write, no one will read. Stop it, start with simple things you like and enjoy doing. There's nothing better than reading posts about something you are really passionate. Everything comes with time.

7. Schedule  - Yur next trip, your week or whatever you are planned. For example, today I started with scheduling Jeanette's and mine next trip to another city. (which is happening tomorrow) What I still need to learn is scheduling my blog post. I don't do it and I'm honestly really jealous of other bloggers who do it. This could be like my new years resolution right? 

I hope yu have now some new ideas what to do. Of course, don't forget to relax and for an hour do abolutely nothing. 

BTW while I was writing this post all the cloud dissapeared and now it's sunny again. Yay.

All the love. Annie xx


  1. You forgot the most important - bake a cake!! :D
    I will be doing that shortly!

  2. Good advice, I always choose something of these :) still need to buy a coloring book though...

    Honey - Royal Lifestyle


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