How to get rid from things you don't need anymore.

Hello my lovely readers.

Spring is coming.Yeps, I know it's only the end of January,but let's be honest....I hear the spring birds every where and to be honest looking at people we all can notice that spring's in their minds.

Usually spring is the time when everyone wants to clean the houses from things they don't need anymore. I'm definitely one of those people, but to be honest I have these random ''let's trow everything out'' days also in winter.

There's some good tips, I have figured out,  that you  all should follow doing these random cleaning days and then there never should be a problem and you will feel only satisfaction of a job well done.

 1.  Don't do all at once - The biggest mistake you can every do is that you basically trow out all the things from your wardrobe, book shelf and other shelves.  You will get really confused with all the things on your floor and also it will faster make you tired. So that's why relax, put on your favourite song playlist and start with one thing, clean your shelves first, then go to next one. It will faster and also won't make chaos.

2. Be critical -  This point is probably really hard to many people. But you won't get ride of many things if you won't be critical. You have to ask yourself - when was the last time I used this thing? And if it's more than 3 months ago then you don't need that thing anymore....Of course different story is if you totally forgot about it or lost it....just don't say that about every thing.

3. Don't trow out - Give to others - When you have collected all the things you don't need anymore, don't trow them all away. I'm sure in every girl's things we can find something we have bought, but have never used. Is it nail polish you thought will look good, but turns out it's not really your colour, or boots who are actually a size too small for you, or some blouse which you can't fit your boobs anymore or a book you won't read anymore.Just don't trow it out, maybe you have a best friend or a friend's younger sister ( I can say from my own personal experience - I always and still love when my sister's friend's give some things away)  who would love that nail polish or have smaller foot size or have always wanted to have new books. I don't think that it's something people should be offend about, I think it's totally normal thing how we can help each other. Also of course there's a lot of charity shops or shops who simply wants some old things...If you can't think of a friend...then get your things to those shops.

4. The biggest mystery of all - Wardrobe -  Leave your wardrobe cleaning for the end, because from my own experience, it will take the longest from all. You will find many things you haven't seen for ages and will want to try all of them. Our wardrobe consist of many ''what ifs'' ''What if I go to India, I will need this'' ''What if Prince Harry comes to me and asks me out, I will need these shoes'' Sorry to upset you, but no, give it all away. If you go to India you can always buy new Indian style clothes in the nearest second hand shops and if Price Harry comes you ask him to buy you cute shoes.(joking) This is the part when you have to be the most critical. I live by the rule - Haven't wore it for more than 3 months....Absolutely not going to wear it now or later. Also you don't need to keep clothes that have gotten too small for you, of course if you plan to lose weight and later wear it again - keep it as a motivation, but if it's something you absolutely won't wear anymore - don't keep it. It all just takes place. Think of  all the space you will have for new clothes after you get ride of all those you haven't wore and absolutely won't wear. Sounds harsh? Not at all, you will feel great after cleaning all.

5. ''My kids will need this in future'' -  No, they won't. Get that idea out of your mind. Of course if it's some kind of family heritage then sure thing keep it for future.But if it's some of your old high school notebooks or tests and you think they will take a look and learn from it....No no no. We live in a century when all is changing every 5 seconds and what you find useful now after some years won't mean a thing. I, being the youngest kid in family, got so many things from my older brother and sister, old research papers, notebooks  and tests.....I used maybe some two or tree things from it all. Everything's changing really fast, so don't keep a lot of wastepaper in your things.I trow out all my tests and notebook month after I finished high school. ( I hope that my teachers aren't reading this)

6. Give yourself some gift for a well done job - After you have done everything you deserve a treat. Go buy a cake and eat it immediately.You have done a really good job and you can see how much free space you now have. It isn't that hard once you star trowing all away right? It just suddenly feel like you don't need anything at all. Just be careful, don't do something you will regret later.

I hope you enjoyed my tips how to make your cleaning day a bit easier and I hope you will also take some advice.....I have done this a lot so believe me - it really will be easier. Be creative and make cleaning days more enjoyable and fun. It's not so horrible as at first you may think.

Good luck xx

All the love. Annie.


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  1. I've found that cleaning my room in stages works best for me, and when it comes to my wardrobe, that's a whole separate task! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue