Must do in Summer

Hello hello hellooo!

I have to say the biggest sorry for you all for being so quiet in last days on my blog.I promise it won't happen again. Many things needed to be done and when I thought maybe it ould be nice time for blogging I ended up sleeping. But I hope I'm going to make up with some cool posts.

So can you actually believe that it already June? It's officially summer and we can start doing all the crazy summer stuff. Soooo...I have made a little list for you all with some of the crazy must do's for this summer.

1. Listen to your favourite summer hit 100,000,000 times a day. Don't worry about your neighbours, it can turn out that they actually like that song too haha.

2.Have 2454 sand pieces in your hair

3.  Eat ice-cream with big bites till your brain freeze. A good joke my colleague told me - don't worry if your brain freeze while eating something cold. Worry if they don't.

4. Drink ice cold beer.

5. Run around with no shoes in the rain.

6. Have a water fight. Last year my friend and I were having a fight in a sea with lots of waves, it was fantastic.

7.Lie face down in the grass and smell it...Just be careful from the insects....they might attack.

8. Skinny dipping at night is a must.

9. Road trips with the best people to places you never been before.

10. Try out new recipes to some cold home made drinks.

And more more. There're so many things you can do in summer that it's just impossible to write them all down. Remember summer is all for having fun and getting tan. So do it. And start right now.

I hope you all will have an unforgettable summer.

All the love. Annie