How to get a little bit more famous on Instagram!

Hello, my lovely readers.

We, all bloggers, know how important it is to be active on all the social networks as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. It usually takes a lot of time and patience to get to the point where you actually can say that yes it's really working. And this time, I want to talk more about Instagram, because lately I find myself more and more addicted to it.

I will always remember how excited I was when I just made Instagram and my post got like 10 likes. It was celebration time. Now I have found out some really good tips which can actually help you get more active on Instagram.

Be active -    The first and the most important rule is to be active on your profile. You can't wait for others to like your pictures if you last one is from last year and the second one is two years old. I don't ask you to post everyday but at least two or tree time a day should do it. There; was a time last year when I thought that I'm posting too much on Instagram, but you know what I realized? That it's my account and I can post as much as I want and it shouldn't matter to be if some of my followers finds it bothering. As I said before I try to post at least tree times a week. Now in the Spring, it happens more.

Join support groups - If you are one of the lazy ones who doesn't want to work a lot, try to join some of the support groups. I know that there's also an app called Instagram support where you can get more likes, not so sure about the followers and comments. But there's a really cool one which I found thanks to amazing people on twitter. It's called UK Instagram support ( if you are interested tell me and I will add you) It's a really easy way how to get likes, comments and also new followers. Also, it helps to make your blog more active, because most of the members there are bloggers.

Be creative - I don't know how about you all, but I really don't like monotony. For example, those profiles who posts only selfies...mirror selfie, selfie almost sleeping, morning selfie...please no. Actually, this is my sister's fault because she was the one who started to talk about monotony on Instagram accounts and now it's stuck to me. Be creative, you can find something cute and photo cool everywhere you go. And of course sometimes some selfie is okay, but don't over do. Sometimes the photos your friends takes of you are all the way better than any selfie.

Like posts - Sometimes when I'm bored or can't sleep I open Instagram and just randomly go to some profiles and like their pictures...Yeah feels like stalking I know, but most of the times those all are people I don't know and they live in other countries.And when you open your Instagram after some time you can see some likes and comments from all around the world. That's a really nice way how to find new cool profiles to follow when you need something fresh in your feed. Also, seeing other people posts may give you an inspiration for your own if at the moment your out of ideas.

Basically, this is it. I actually really enjoyed writing this. I hope you all will like it too and you will find some good advices from me.

Happy Friday and weekend.

All the love. Annie xx

P.S. I had like tree cups of tea while writing this....I would say I'm sory, but Im not hehehe.


  1. Since I don't have Instagram, I'll use this for my Twitter account :)
    btw, I don't consider liking older (or any) posts stalking. They posted something for someone to see it and I sometimes open one profile and go months back just because I'm bored :D
    xo Honey :*


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