Tourists living in London. Day 5,6 and 7.

Heey guys. It's time to tell you now all about our last tree days at London. (So sad)

So day 5. 

This was the day when I made British guys laugh. Ohhh yes I did!!
So it all happened like this. 

Those who have been in London knows about the - mind the gab.Who doesn't know, the voice in metro repeats this sentence before and after every stop, so people are careful getting out of the metro or getting in to it. And to be honest it really made us laugh most of the time, so when I saw a shop named ''GAP'' i just couldn't stop my self and I'm my usual loud voice said - mind the gab. It wouldn't be that funny if across the street there wouldn't be shop named ''GAP KIDS'' so in even louder voice I said - Mind the gap kids and in exactly that moment behind us were walking two British guys and they laughed and said - She know's thing's.

Back to the tourist things. 

The day started with white chocolate mochas in Green park. We wanted to see Guards change in this day because it was alternate date, and in autumn and winter the changes happens just in those dates.

We also searched that the official site for this ( recommended to come at least at 10.30 if you want to see something. The official ceremony starts at 11.30 but music starts playing already at 11.15 

So we came pretty early but there was already lots of people standing there, We got in second like from gates.When the whole ceremony started the man standing in front of us noticed how short both of us are and that we kind of don't see anything. He immediately moved his wife in front of him and pushed us in the place where his wife stood before and even asked if its okay now. I didn't know what to tell, I was shocked....happily shocked. 

After watching this we went to another amazing part of London - Chelsea and Belgravia. And if I wasn't truly madly deeply in love with London till then, then I absolutely was after visiting these. 

After these we went to London's eye.It was amazing.We were just sitting in the sun watching the beautiful view in front of us and listening to a guy singing many good songs. He btw was really really amazing and cute too and he had an amazing voice. 

Then we walked more around the city, walking into little streets.Walking like that we also found some vintage book stores, bad that we didn't have money anymore to buy something from there. haha. 

Day 6. 

The last day in London and we both are extremely tired.Have to say that I don't any interesting story's to tell from this wait I have one!

We went into one big souvenir shop and were just looking at somethings. I really wanted to find myself a Rolling Stone's shirt. So when I saw that there are some kind of band shirts I went straight there and started search. After 2 minutes some guy came to me...probably the owner of shop and starts talking with me - Hello beautiful girl, where are you from and what's you name? Annie? Ohh a beautiful name and from a beautiful country, How can I help you ?Rolling Stones shirt? Ohh come here my dear, I will show you what we got? What size are you looking for? ''and it went like this for whole 20 minutes, can't forget to mention that this all happened in strong Spanish accent and it was really hard to understand what he is saying. 

Also in this day we found our self's sitting at the exactly same spot under the London's eye as day before. And do you wanna hear what's funny? There was that cute guy singing again. I hope I will see him again someday <3

This day we went earlier to our guest house so we could pack our things without any stress. 

Day 7. 

It was really weird feeling leaving the guest house. We spent there 6 really didn't feel like that much. 

Of all the days when we could get lost we definitely choose the wrong one.  It was 12.30 and our buss to airport leaves at and we didn't have any clue where the hell was Victoria's coach station. After talking to some really nice people who explained to us that we went to wrong direction (again) and with a lo of running we were on time and didn't miss our buss. 

Also in our airport everything went good, And soon we were sitting in plain and I was laughing because of the feeling in my tummy. 

  This time when we were flying there were so beautiful sunsets, and when it got dark you could see all the lights from Riga. <3

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who made this amazing trip real. Starting with our family and ending with all these nice people who helped us when we were totally lost. Also to all the customers who came to my Costa and left good tips,so I could buy a lot of amazing things in London. And also big big thanks to Ralucca, the main girl in our guest house. And finally thank you London for being so amazing,beautiful and perfect. I hope we see each other very soon. 

Thank you,thank you, thank you!!!

All the love. Annie. 

P.S I forgot to mention because I couldn't remember n which day it happened, but when we were walking past some pabs and clubs there was this man who singed to us - Hey pretty baby with high heels this song remind me of this trip. Haha :D