Tourists living in London. Day 3 and 4.

Are you guys ready to read further??

Here goes day 3. :)

So We woke up at 7am again, actually we woke up at this time all days except the last one. Then we were sleeping a lots.

This was the day which started with lots of stress actually, because many of you probably know that UK has a different adapters and we couldn't figure out how we could charge our phones, who were slowly dying. But then I saw John Lenon kind of glasses in some souvenir shop. While I was watching them my sister noticed those adapters where you can add any kind of different adapters from any country. So it meant we were safe.

After everything with our phones was okay and we even charged them in cafe, we were ready to go to Nothing Hill.

When we got out of the bus in Nothing Hill first thing we did - we got bubble teas. Back at home we looked at some photos and couldn't understand what I was so we wanted to try it as soon as possible. If we talk 100% honest then I was kind of disappointed. The tea was delicious (mine was coconut tea with milk) but those bubbles at the end,....I thought it will be something sparkling or like that, but actually it was just jelly and to be honest it tasted like sweet spawn and I didn't like it at all haha.

This also was the day when we lost all of our money because we bought a lot of things in those vintage shops and also we later went to Oxford street.

I absolutely loved Nothing Hill. All those color full houses, little vintage shops and old cars at every corner.

This sign next to bus stop made me laugh and smile. Because that's so true and me being a vegetarian, it was amazing to find something like this.

I'm sorry that some of these pictures have extremely bad quality, I have no idea what was wrong with my phone. I took a photo with this shop, because there were lots of face masks like One direction member's face's, Queen's face, Beatles and more famous people in UK faces. It made me laugh.

Later when we were done with Nothing Hill and had bought lots of souvenirs and clothes and also helped some tourists who were asking us things we went to Hyde park. It was huge. Huge, huge,huge. It was full with squirrels and what shocked me the most was that they were not scared of people. I almost touched one...but just almost because I was scared...what if they bite??

So yeah we took a little break in Hyde park and just watched around how people spend their every day. Talking about everyday- we saw so many people who runs...I guess they really loves to run a lot. Kind of felt inspired to start running too. Maybe this time it will work for me haha.

Hyde park selfie,

After Nothing Hill we went to Oxford street and went into shops like Primark, Forever 21, Victoria's secret and more. And we came out of the shops with cute little bags so you can imagine how much money we spent.When we went into Lush there was a woman who immediately catches me and started telling me about new products, later she also asked me many questions and told me that she absolutely loves my rings and hat. I was smiling like a real dork, because these things doesn't happen here in Latvia, when people ...people who you don't know simply says something nice to you. Guys seriously, I'm moving there!!! Not even joking haha.

Our Victoria's secret goods. 
After all the shopping we were really tired and it was also getting late so it was time to go back to our guest house. 

Day 4!

Day 4 also started at 7 am. This time we went to Little Venice. And here I felt in love with London even more than before.
I still can get over how nice people are in this country. Once we got out of metro we kind of didn't understand to which side we should go and there was this really nice lady. She immediately came to us and asked are we lost and does we need any help? She was so nice and omg. And she actually really did help us. How is this even real?

All those houses and trees and old cars. And man's coming out of their houses in suits and morning's newspapers. The typical morning. 

Here was also the first time when we kind of got lost...actually not really we just started walking to the wrong side and later when we figured it out all went good. 

We took a walk around this area and it seriously was amazing. Sun was shinning and city was waking up. 

Old cars <33

After visiting this place we went back to center. To get there we walked through Regent's park. There I had a feeling that we are walking in some jungles next to Amazon.Joking, But really it as amazing.

When we got back in center, we wanted to find Soho and China town. And we did it! Here I ate white chocolate ice cream and guys it was sooooo freaking amazing. Like why can't you buy it everywhere??
What I didn't like in China town, was all those places where you can eat. My brother said that it's cheap and delicious...he just forgot that I'm not eating meat and there was meat everywhere.....some places even had full shop window with big cuts.
But it didn't change the atmosphere what was in there.

Then we found M&M's world. Omg guys. (im saying omg so much :D) it was something you don't see every day.! So many chocolate in 4 floors. It's everyone's least for those who loves chocolate.

After all this we still went to Covent garden and walked there. I bought so beautiful book mark...I will show it you guys laters (forgot to mention that I bought also 3 books here, so get ready for some amazing reviews)

There were lots of balloon's, people were singing and showing a lot of different circus tricks. I really really felt in love with that city.

Then we walked back to center and walked more simply in the little street's looking around and enjoying our time there.

And this is the end for day's 3 and 4. Last tree days of our trip coming later.

All the love. Annie.