Riga - Stockholm - Riga (Part1)

Hello, my lovely readers.

Today I will tell you all about the trip I was talking about nonstop on my twitter for the last 2 weeks. It was all I was expecting and more.

Everything got million times better because it was my first time on a cruise and these three days turned out to a real and perfect adventure. 

Let's see what we did.

Our trip started at 4pm. The ferry left the port at 5.30pm. I was so excited for that moment and at the end, I missed it and didn't even notice that we are moving already.

My boyfriend gave me a lil tour around the ship and honestly, at first, I was disappointed because turns out that our cruise ships are not that large actually.

The best moment came when I was time to check our cabin. We had the deluxe cabin at it was on 9th floor and at the very beginning of the ship. So basically, if it would be possible we could easily try the Titanic moves. Also, our cabin and others were separated from all the other cabins.

And whoollaaaa just like a nice small hotel room. We had fruits and a small bar, with coke, sprite, water, beer, and champagne.

We also got these cute little things - shaving kit and for cleaning your teeth and a shampoo's. Very cute.

As you can see I really enjoyed that we had a window in our cabin.

 Here are a little bit pictures from the ferry. We didn't take a lot of photos on the ferry, but the typical classic hallway photo must be taken.

When we left Riga that evening it was snowing hard.

Two very happy lovers celebrating our first anniversary.

And we started our little party with the goods from our mini bar. Fancy living to the fullest.

We continued our night with fancy dinner in the ship's restaurant.Please, guys, when you order something read twice the name of your food. I ordered half a chicken and turns our they really gave me half a chicken.It starts to look that it's our vacation tradition - we always get horribly large plates. 

After that we went dancing to the ship's concert hall, tried our luck in a lottery, turns out we have no luck haha. And then it was time for some sleep which was harder than I thought because the ship was rocking pretty bad. Thank God that my boyfriend is very knowledgeable about all the ship things and he was calming me down. 

That's basically it for the first day of our adventure.

Second part coming soon, so if you are interested how fun our second day was -  stay connected.

All the love. Annie 


  1. Wow how nice is that ferry?!
    The room looks pretty nice, too!


  2. That ferry looks amazing. Your room looks amazing. The window looks amazing. Everything looks amazing! Can't wait to see part 2.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation


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