Positive vibes!

Good morning you all, beautiful people.

Fridays are all about being happy and enjoying a good time. But don't you thing that we all should be happy also on Monday or Wednesdays and actually no matter what day or month it is? Well, we definitely should. So that's why today I want to talk with you how to always or at least most of the times be positive and make people around you positive too.

People always tells me that I'm like the sunshine walking around, always smiling, always joking and always being happy. Of course, not always we all are only people and we all have different kinds of emotions.

Att the beginning of my last year of high school or philosophy teacher gave us a homework ( probably one of the best homework ever). We needed to read one philosophy kind of book and later tell others about it.  I bought Norman Vincent Peale - The Power Of Positive Thinking. I have learned a lot from this book so that's why today I want to tell you all my secrets what keeps me positive most of the time.

1 . Let's start with something really. The first thing you should do to feel more happy and positive in your life is that you have to do things that make you happy. What makes me happy ? It's definitely blogging, making my family happy, reading,listening music, hanging out with friends, hugging my cats. See, it doesn't have to be anything huge. The thing is that the little things in our lives have the most power to make us happy. Yes, of course, a trip to Hawaii right now would make me really happy, but imagine that I would need to go alone! What's the point of the trip then if you can't live the moment with someone right? So the first key to your more positive life is enjoying all the little things more and be thankful for that. 

2. The next thing you need to ''throw away'' is letting negative things and thoughts affect you. The problem with us is that we can easily be affected by little things. Let's look at an example. Imagine you are in some beautiful city you have wanted to visit for years and there's this one place....for example, an art gallery you really really want to see. But you can't find it anywhere and you get lost. You walk around the cities little streets, see a lot of cute things and houses. Turns out you get back to your hotel happy. See, you didn't see one place but in that place you saw a lot of other cute things otherwise you wouldn't ever see. I believe that it is strongly related with the - everything in life happens for a reason. You didn't see the art gallery, but maybe you met your true and only love. You have to always see the positive in everything that happens because I truly believe in that saying. 

3. I think we all can agree that music has a big role for our moods right? And happy songs can always make you in the dancing mood and ready to have some fun mood. For example, this song . Don't even deny it that it makes you  happier and thinking about cute unicorns dancing. So my advice is that make yourself a positive playlist and listen to it whenever you need some positiveness. 

4.The most important thing to do is never ever ever let negative people ruin your mood. I think this is definitely the hardest point because we all know how one bad comment can ruin our days right? It is definitely  harder if you are working in a cafe or a shop where you have to face many different people every day. And not all will be happy and nice to you. People have this really bad habit of throwing their bad moods to everyone around them like it's their fault. If they are in a bad mood they will notice every little thing you have done wrong. Well, there actually isn't an  advice how to deal with these kinds of people, the only thing we can do is to be extra nice to them even if they are being assholes. Later, they will regret being so mean to you, when you did nothing wrong. 
Then there's another type of people who are sad, but they don't throw it at your face. So then you have to say something nice to them like have a nice day or I love your dress. Again the little things. It ill makes their day. I work In Costa Coffee and I have seen how people faces changes when you compliment them or wish simply a nice day. And also we all know how nice it is to get compliments right? 

5. Positive thinking is a must. This maybe won't be so related to the main topic but I still felt like talking about this. About this N.V. Peale talks a lot in his book. He writes that people can really change themselves and their lives if they change their way of thinking. Believe me, if you will stop always noticing the bad things, but will start focusing on the good ones around you, everything will look better. I remember one really good example from the book that I always keep in my mind. It said that if there is something you really really wish for, then you have to keep thinking about it all the time till it happens. And then there was this example with a man who divorced from his wife, but really did regret it and every evening he imagine that she is sitting next to him and everything is back to normal. After some time...his wife came back to him and they were sitting next to each other. I know that it's hard to believe, but it just proves that we people really do have some power with our thoughts and it okay to dream and it's a must do think positive.And remember that we people can also attract negative thoughts, so make sure you never think anything bad about yourself!

6. And the last I want to say to you all  - SMILE. Always smile. That's they key to everything. Everybody loves people who smiles. And this is probably also the easiest way how to start and change your life to a more positive one. Smiles do miracles. You will see. 

I hope you all enjoyed my little bit different blog post today, but I just felt that this needed to be written

Remember - Positive thoughts create positive things. 

All the love. Annie xx


  1. This is great!
    little things really do count! The cashier told me have a nice day the other day and it felt great to hear it :)
    and music, of course :)
    Positive thinking really helps. Saying "I'm gonna be happy now" actually works, I tried it.
    Stay positive people ♥

    xo Honey
    Royal Lifestyle


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