Hair masks or conditioners!?

Hello, my lovely readers.

Lately, I have been paying extra attention to hair products. While trying to get my hair blonde slowly so I won't damage them too much, I have understood that they need good treatments that ill make them look  healthier.  But honestly, I got a bit confused when I needed to choose between hair masks and conditioners.

So that's why I did a little research ( lately been doing these a lot)  about these things to find out which one will be the best for my hair.

Let's start.

The difference : 

Hair conditioner and hair masks are both hair care products. A hair conditioner is generally used to provide the moisture to the hair. They make hair look smooth and shiny. A hair mask works the sam way as facial mask works. There are numerous types for treating discolored hair, oily scalp, and dandruff...etc. Hair conditioners are usually kept in hair for some minutes while hair mask is kept for  a longer time - at least fifteen minutes. 

What is conditioner? 

Hair conditioner is a very popular hair care product which is used for moisturizing the hair. They are becoming an integral part of one's daily regime a they help hair looking smooth and shiny. It is important to always condition after shampooing because it helps replace the moisture your hair lost. It is also advisable to use a shampoo and conditioner from the same brand as they are formulated to work together.  

Generally, conditioners are acidic as this acidic nature is responsible for making cuticles smooth and shiny. Overall, one can say that conditioners aim to improve the texture of hair. 

Conditioner can be applied by starting from the roots and gradually moving towards the ends. It should be left for  few minutes and then it needs to be rinsed thoroughly. Also, you can use conditioner regularly. 

What is a hair mask? 

A hair mask is quite similar to conditioner as a hair mask is also designed to improve the condition of the hair. This may be done by focusing on either or combination of these aspects - repair, damage, adds moisturizer, strengthen the hair,etc. The ingredients of a hair mask vary depending on the main purpose. The hair mask is essentially a type of hair treatment. 

It is often advised to thoroughly coat all the hair with a face mask mixture. It is also advised to use a shower cap during the application as it prevents dripping. After fifteen to twenty minutes, rinse thoroughly. Hair mask need to be applied before washing hair. 

Summary : 

Use a basic conditioner regulary and only use a mask occasionally, to boost the health of your hair. If your hair is very damaged, a mask should be used regulary to treat your hair's dey, damaged or fragile condition. If not, then use mask one or two times a month.

So what I have learn from all this information is that if you want to have beautiful and health hair you have to use both. Condiitoner regulary and  mask as a treat onec or twice a month. Also, don't soak your hair into the condiitoner or mask. The more doesn't alays means better. Also, we can't froget other treatments for our hair as oils etc. Of course, let's not forget to mention that you can make cool home made hair mask. Social networks are full with many cool recipes. 

Who's ready to go shopping with me for new hair products?

Don't forget to tell me your opinion which you prefer better and if you have any interesting tips.

All the love. Annie xx 


  1. I've never used a hair mask before but now I'm curious as to how well it'd work. I know my hair would love more moisture! (:

    Single Vegas Girl


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