Tourists living in London. Day 1 and 2.

Hello my lovely readers.

I hope you all are doing good and haven't missed me too much, joking. It's been a while since I last time came here.Don't worry, you will have a lots of reading to do now. haha.

As you all remember from my earlier posts I was a lot of talking about trip to London. And guess what? It's already over *quietly crying* and it's time to tell you now all about it.

Taking care of you all I'm going to split this into days so you don't get bored or tired of reading. And now it's time for day 1 and day 2.

There is so much to tell you that I will just start from the very beginning and hope that I will not forget anything.

So, our first adventures started at airport, because it was the very first time we were going somewhere by plane. At first we both were a little bit scared, but soon I found myself laughing loud every time plane would hit any airpockets.  The view was incredible, really.

Everything went good at the Stansted airport too.We got our suitcase, didn't lose anything. Everything's good.

Th next part was to find the right bus to central London. Also that went good and soon we found ourself's sitting in the bus. It was a weird (weird in a good way) feeling - realizing that you really are in London and we are not dreaming.

Also the first time driving with metro went good.(Actually, it wasn't first time for me, coz the first one was when I was in France and Germany.) And not even an hour later we were at our guest house, warm welcomed by the girl who shoved us everything.

Pretty much this is the end of our first day here, because while this all happened it was already 7.30pm and we understood that it would be too late to go and explore the city. We just took a little walk around our area -Wembley!

P.S. I want to add for the first day that when we first got into metro, we first time saw how amazing and nice are British people. One man noticed that we with our big suitcases couldn't sit down, so he helped us to put our suitcases so they would be safe and also we could sit down.
The street were our guest house was. 

Day 2!

We got up at 7am! Can you guys actually imagine this?? But yeahh at 9am we were already at the central London and first stop was Starbucks. Yes, we are typical white girls and proud to be.

Of course I ordered pumpkin spice latte and Jesus guys, it was soooooooo amazing. Like, if that's how paradise tastes then I'm definitely going there!!!
And also a big deal is that I got this beautiful autumn edition cup. Yayy, Also I bought myself a cup for home with Starbucks logo. When we got our daily coffee it was time to explore the city and find all the amazing places we want to see.

We stated our big walk from Piccadilly circus,for those who don't know it's like a Time Square in New York, just smaller.

Then we started moving to very London's heart. It took us more time than we thought, because we were stopping a lot, taking a lot of pictures and walking inside shops.
 Walking really slowly, because as my sister said - we have plenty of time and there's no need to hurry, we went to Buckingham palace. Seeing this in your life with you own eyes and understanding that this is not Mr. Been movie,  was something extremely amazing.

Not that in Monday (28th September) we saw Guards change, but this will be in more details later.

The next stop was definitely Big Ben. And we did find it. Not like without a map , but still. And that my friends were the best moment ever. Like, I needed at least 5 minutes to understand that I am really seeing all those hings with my own eyes and that I'm not dreaming or seeing it in movie.That's really weird, living the dream you have had for ages.

A big deal for us was that we went there and it was exactly 11am so it meant that Big Ben was doing the sound of a new hour. (Sorry, I just really have no idea how to call it - the ding dong?!)

Not far from Big Ben was London's eye. In first day we saw it just across the river Thames,We walked across the bridge and was under the London's eye, but also will be in details later haha.

This is how it looked from the other side. We took a seat here and finished our coffees. After finishing our latte and frappuccino we were feeling full. (my friend told me that there is like 4000 calories in one drink,but it was so worth it) We started walking again and we wanted to see Tower Bridge . The maps on the street were showing us that we needed to walk just straight along the promenade. Later we saw what a big distance it actually was.
But again - it was sooo worth it.

It was really amazing seeing all these objects all in one day. Even if our legs were really hurting at the evening we didn't regret it at all.

After seeing Tower Bridge we went into the city and were ready for next adventures.
We took a bus back to center but jumped out of it when we saw National gallery.

I didn't even realize how huge the National gallery actually is. We went only in to two rooms and it was like our Latvian national art museum,....just two rooms imagine?!

There was a man ..I guess it was one of those freelancer and he had drawn a lot of flags on the asphalt and we found also Latvia's flag. It was nothing special, but still it made us feel great to see our flag next to National gallery.

Telling this shorty makes me realize that omg that's it. We didn't do anything else at our second day. When actually I skipped the eating parts and the taking a little rest parts so basically our day was really full with lots of adventures and things like that.

This is how our first days went in London.Soon I will upload also all the rest days and I promise you will love it..

P.S. We didn't get lost. :))

All the love. Annie.


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