A little break never killed nobody.

Hello my lovely readers.

It feels like a  stranger is writing this post isnt it? I havent been here what feels like forever and honestly it feels very very bad.

So thats why it's not so bad yet, I'm back and I have so much to tell you, because the reasons why I been so unactive here and also on twitter are kinda huge and I feel like finally telling you all about it.

So take your morning coffee and let's talk.

I'm pretty sure you all remember me as the barista in a cozy cafe noone knows it exists....I mean all were like - Annie, you are at work and your getting paid for watching movies, blogging, chatting with friends and at some time making coffee to those 5 clients a day.

Honestly, everything was bad about that. Now that I look back at that time of my life it feels likeI had paused my life for a moment. It feels pretty horrible looking at your friends and listening their stories how they taking big steps on the huge carreer stairs and then theres me. I guess noone actually understood how it felt.

Everything just was going bad.I had fights with my boyfriend, and the worst about it was that he was working offshore all autumn. I didnt want to do anything I was just feeling tired. And it came to that I was just searching some reason not to work.

But then came New Year and now I can say that I had this wish - please let 2018 be the best one and make me find what I want to do.

And it really did.

On 20th January I called my mom asking maybe they need someone in the preschool.....and guess what?? They really did need a nanny. And the best about it? I could start already next week.

Working with little kids, teaching them things and everything really been what I needed to do.

What's happening now?

I'm feeling really great, I'm starting university in September, I will be a teacher for the lil ones. My realationship never been so great and I'm feeling really happy and loved. I'm smilling, Im healthy and happy.

And alsoo those who may know I celebrated my birthday and now I'm real oldie haha.

What have new happened in your lifes?

All the love. xx

Annie, who's about to blog now much more xx


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  1. Oh welcome back! I missed you! I'm so glad everything worked out so great for you! I wish you all the best with uni and hopefully you'll love the job. Looking forward to reading more here :)

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram