Victoria Secret Love Spell body lotion and body spary review.

Hello, my lovely readers.

In my blog post about Stockholm trip, I told you that I got an amazing present from Victoria Secret but since it was like my Christmas present that I choose myself I couldn't use it and couldn't show it to you.

But since Christmas is long gone I can tell you all about it.

So basically, it is a funny story how I got my present. Well, we were walking through Stockholm and we tried to find Starbucks really badly. Since I wanted that Christmas cup  (don't mind me, I have a Starbuck cup collection haha )

So yes, I said to my boyfriend that I won't leave till we find Starbucks and turns out that two shops that I adore (and mainly it is because we don't have them here in Latvia.) were next to each other, ohh guess how happy I was haha.

And I got even happier when my boyfriend said in the Victoria's Secret choose what you want, that will be your Christmas present. And it made me even happier when I noticed that at the exact moment they had this great offer 3 for 2.

And this is the Love Spell that I got. What I absolutely love about this is its smell, because honestly, I have never had a body lotion with such a strong perfume.

Also, the lotion is very moisturizing and kind of have an oily texture, but it absorbs into the skin pretty fast and all you have is a very well smelling and soft skin.

What surprised me the most about the body spray was the long-lasting smell that my friends misunderstood for perfume. Honestly, I am so so so happy with these two. The perfume they have might be a little too sweet for some, but I absolutely love sweet smell.

And this is the third thing I got but me being the amazing sister I gave this to my sister. This one is not so sweet as Love Spell but is fresher I would say. It also has a strong perfume smell and lasts for the whole day.

What you have used from Victoria's Secret products?

I hope you enjoyed my little review.

All the love.Annie xx


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  1. Great review! I use to always use the love spell body spray! I love the way it smells.

  2. I love Victoria Secret - I use the body sprays! I also have Victoria secret PINK sliders, which I adore <3

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five