Soap and Glory Lip Gloss ''Lip Lip Hooray'' review

Hello, my lovely readers.

I hope you spent a wonderful Christmas together with your loved ones, ate a lot and got also nice gifts.

And hopefully, you are getting ready for New Year's party and what will be a good party without a kick ass make up everyone will remember.

Also, nothing changed and I still think that nice makeups key is perfect lips. So that's why today I will write a review about one of my Christmas presents from my friend Anna and it's Mini lip gloss gift set.

Let's find out more.

Soap and Glory has been supporting the Clean of England since 2006, when they started formulating fun, fearlessly world-class products to give every girl the best bang for her beauty budget. 

Within weeks of their first launch, the world - and the gloss - on almost everybody's lips was their new and now ironic super-plumping ''Sexy Mother pucker.'' Soon after, their all-time, dry-skin classic - The righteous butter  -was voted Britain's Best Body Butter and their ''Make yourself youthful'' anti-aging peptide serum took The Times Beauty Awards Gold star. The bar was set high. And every single Soap and Glory products that followed has been brilliant. 

Now proud purveyor of an absolutely full range of beauty, body, and bath-stuffs, they recommend putting our products on with happiness and abandon, because they believe WHILE BEAUTY ABSOLUTELY MATTERS, IT DOESN'T MATTER ABSOLUTELY. 

Now about the Lip Lip Hooray. 

Lip Lip Hooray consists of three different Sexy Mother pucker mini lip gloss sticks in three different and wonderful colors:  Pink-A-Boo; Nudist; Choccoberry (this one is matte). Pluss look at what a cute box they come. 

Here you can see the tones (sorry for the bad picture quality) Honestly, at the moment my favorite one is the third one, probably because it's matte and for this grey weather you want to wear something bright. 

At first honestly, I wasn't very sure if they will be that good as everyone always says because at first the looked like really hard crayons. You know, the ones that at school you never used because they couldn't make the color smooth. 

But I was wrong.

They only look very hard, but they are nothing like that. They have a smooth creamy texture that easily applies to your lips. Honestly, they remind me a little bit of like a lip balm, because when you apply them you get this strong moisturizing feeling and I love it. 

These babies are long lasting, endures drinking and eating, but I must say that after some time the tone is not that bright anymore and you need to apply them again. 

After all, I do recommend these lil ones to you, maybe not the very best product from Soap and Glory, but they have more good things than bad ones so buy it. 

It really is a good gift set.

How about you? Have you tried anything from Soap and Glory? 

All the love Annie xx


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