My favourite Christmas memories

Hello my lovely readers.

December is going to be one active blogging month,because I have a lot of ideas in my mind. 

Hope you all had fun reading my first Christmasy blog post which was a funny kind of gift list I'm not sure that it's going to be very helpful but at least a good reading.

Today I will tell you about some of my all time favourite Christmas memories.At first I called this post 'My favourite Christmas' but then I understood that there is not one favourite Christmas fo me. All of them and even those ones who I don'tremember but have just heard from my mum,seems like a wonderful ...each in a diferent way.

That's why here's a blog post with some of the latest years best Christmas moments.

First of all Christmas without family wouldn't be Christmas at all. That's why most of my favourite moments arealways with my family.We alwats celebrate Christmas at my grandparent's house, even my very first Christmas were celebrated there.Here's a picture with my brother and sister - then and now.It's 2002 vs 2014.
Sadly,these  were one of the last Christmas we all spent together like that because my grandparents died. Now it's time for new traditions to make. At least we still somehow manage to get all together. So whatever we do and we might not meet as often at least always on Christmas we are together and it think it is so beautiful.

Another very importnat thinkfor Christmas is Christmas balls. Here's a picture from 2016 year's ball. It was a really nice tradition for us to always go on  to our old High School dance with our friends and remember all the fun we had in school times.This year we wont go anymore.

Here's pictures from last years ball when it was offiialy our first ball together. We danced so much that my legs started to hurt.

Another really happy memorie is our ''secret Santa'' meetings. Our little girl group from class meet on before Christmas and we like catch up with all the new that  have happened in our lifes,because we also don't meet as often too. 

To make it more Chritmasy wedo this little gifting,we draw on one person to get present to.The funniest thing is that basically till the actual party everybody knows whos giving who a gift. Ohh girls. 

Christmas is definitely my all  time favourite  time of the year.I love walking in shops searching for presents,walking around the city and looking at all the decors, walking around Christmas markets...that all just makes me very very happy.

What are your favourite Christmas memories?

Hope you enjoyed reading.

All the love.Annie 


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