My Christmas

Hello, my lovely readers.

I can't believe that I'm probably writing one of my last blog posts in 2017. Time flies too fast and yet again Christmas is over. Sad.

But let's get cozy and talk about how this year Christmas was.

My Christmas started with the very 1st of December when I started more blogging and most of the posts where Christmas related and I really do hope that you enjoyed reading it all.

This Christmas actually was a real pain in the ass because somehow it was harder than other years to find everyone presents and even if I made a blog post about the ideas at the end I was the one who was struggling the most. After all no stress everyone was happy and wasn't left behind.

The big Christmas feeling came when I organized a party with my all friends. The one I tell you about every year.This year it happened at my flat and as you can see dress code was fancy.

Emm......not that fancy hah.

Girls can't without selfies.

All together as every year. And I want to say a huge thank you to all my girls that no matter what we meet at least on Christmas but we do it now every year. And I'm just very thankful for that.

 Some things that don't change are the person I'm giving the present to. And almost all years it's always Laima. I gave her a warm and fluffy blanket together with peppermint and chocolate tea.

My present was from Santa and I got fake lashes (and I can't wait to put them on New Year's) eyeshadows and chocolate candies.

A review coming soon.

I also got lil presents from other friends. I got a herbs tea, lipsticks, earrings and a cute little bottle full of mermaid magic.Laima as every year makes something cute and special.

A thing which is very hard when you have a boyfriend is that you have to plan two Christmas at once and it's so hard to make sure you get enough time with everyone and no one gets mad.

But thank God you have a brother with two little kids and they are up for the day and then the evening at the other home.

Sadly we forgot to make a picture all together but here is a cute picture of us under the Christmas tree (sorry no mistletoe ).

From my family, I got a lot of  ''housewife kinds of stuff'' including cupcake cups, gingerbread cutters, ice cream spoon, coffee cup and more little cuties like that.

From my second family, I got a blanket, bath bomb, another coffee cup and body cream.

And now the mystery part which was not a surprise at all for me because I choose this hehe. A gift from my amazing boyfriend from Victoria's secret. A body lotion and spray. And I'm in love with this smell.  But more about this later in different blog post only about it :)

So basically this is how my Christmas was. Nothing very special but the most important - being together with all the loved ones. Yes, that was as always and it's definitely what Christmas is about.

How was your Christmas and what you got? xx

All the love, Annie.

P.S.This is definitely my last blog post this year so I wish you all a very very Happy New Year may all your plans and dreams comes true. xx


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