Christmas gift guide.

Hello, my lovely readers.

Ahhhh It's 1st of December and I'm like super excited about Christmas. It's snowing outside, I have a Christmas playlist playing in work and I'm just like damn excited.

But with Christmas and December also comes the stress -what the hellI should getmy family and friends this year? And it's a hell a lot of a thinging.

That's why I made a posts about some ideas what I am going to get them.

Mom - Honestly, I think that moms are the easiest person to get a present to like they like and gets happy about everything. And if it's hand made,ohh please,better give napkins as well.My mom is a huge knitter, so she definitely will love some DIY stuff. I found on AliExpress this reallycute Diamont pearl mosaic my mum really likeit so I guess for Christmas need to find her a cute all Christmasy picture. Mum's definitely will love something warm, likea cute blanket or something like that. Maybe she willeven like this slanket. I found online. A blanket you can actually wear. Damn I would love it.

Sister - I don't know how about you but for my sister getting present is like getting a present for myself and what I would like. We kinda even stopped asking forwish lists because it all always goes like you know what i like. But my sister's got a name day on 24th december so she always deserves a bit bigger gift than others.She always loves something from cosmetics or something for bathing, and honestly I haven't tought yet what toget her because it's always like I see something and yupp that's perfect without planning.

Your girl friends - As you all may know my friends and I have this lil tradition every year where we all finally meet..and it's always on Christmas. And we always have this lil lotery - Secret Santa.....which is not that seccret till the day. (ohh girls) anyway I ussualy make bigger gift formy secret one and then smaller gift for all others, usually its something cooked or hand made. So for that bigger gift it's always very easy, so for exampleyou can never go worng with some coolface masks or funny not usefull stuff.. like this one.I think your friends are those people whom you can get like everything and they will like it.

Boyfriend,Brother, Dad or any other man in your family - Thanks God that in my family these guys all have pretty similar interests, so if you just get problems thinking what to get you  can always ask  other what he would like. There's those practicalthings likea fancy watch, cute cufflings.Not long agoI saw ones who looked just like Formula 1 car, so if your man is a big fan it's so perfect present. And the thing that will never get out of style - funny socks. They are always on point. 

Grandparents - This year's Christmas will be the first ones without my grandparents, but I'm sure they looking down at us from heaven and smiles because we are keeping all the traditions. But there's myboyfriends grandparent's. Grandparent's I think loves getting something warm, also some blanket or warm termo socks,,,,Brendy haha  They will definitely get really emotionalif you will get them something hand made. Also,I think grandparents really loves to get some sweets.

Nephews - You probably are thinking howcan possibly there be so hard to find a gifts for small kids? Ohh it sure is. When youdont usually visit toy stores and then one day you do and you just get really dissapointed in the toys... like the toys were so much better when we were lil am I right? So that's why I tought that maybe the kiddos will like some puzzle or anice and easy game. I think that willdo just fine

I'm not quiet sure if this was reallya helpful list for your gifts...more like my ramblings as always. But I hope that at least you had fun reading it.

All the love.Annie 

P.S. Get ready for a lot of Christmasy posts hehe :)


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  1. Great post and really great gift ideas too. I never know what to get the guys for Christmas! I still need to start my Christmas shopping!