2018 goals.

Hello,my lovely readers.

Another year has passed.  It's been one weird year honestly.It had it's up's and down's. I have made some very life changing decisions and I'm very happy I made them 

After all this was not a bad year, but you can always do better right? That's why it's time to make goals and to-do for the next year. Honestly,I hope that 2018 is going to be a better one. 

Education - It's time for university. And this time I'm very serious about all this and I really want it. I know my first time went wrong but I am not going to stop. We can't stop trying after first time gone wrong. Only, I think this time it is going to be something different from the first time.

Job -  I left job at Costa this year and since then I have let myself relax a little bit, with a bit more peacful work. But the person I am can long stay calm and with nothing to do. That's why I want to find a good and active work for 2018 what I will love with all my heart and will feel happy going to it.

Become a better person - I think we all can say that we haven't been the best of person in some times.Well,it can be really hard to be all nice if you have to work with people all the time and sometimes they just really really gets on your nerves no matter how much you try to be nice. Anway,Iwant to be nicer to other people and I feel like it will make a big difference.

Cook more - My boyfriend and I started living together in city center and temptation to eat outside home is big and I admit that since we are living here we have spent a lot of money eating outside. That's why I want to promise my self that new year will come with lots of new recipies to cook.

Travel more -  This doesnt ask for a explanation. I just really want to see more of the world.

Never let my blog goquiet again - I have done a huge progress with my blog since I have came backand been writing regulary. I really did miss all the blogger world and posting and that excitment you get when you see new comments and everything. I promise not to let my blog go quiet in 2018.

These are the big ones. Of course there's small things like, read that book or whatch that movie but I tought that this post deserves those big and not so easy reachable goals. This will take time and I won't happen in one hour or in one day. (Maybe I will also make a post with the little goals :) )

Let's seehow 2018 will go for me,but I really hope that this willbe the year that makes sense.

What are your goals?

All the love. Annie


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  1. I love these posts (and I can't wait to write my own sometime in January). I'm really happy you've found college you'll stick with and hopefully love. Working with people always brings out the worst in me haha so I also hope I'll find a nice job I'll enjoy :) I totally support all of these and I really hope you'll get to travel as much as you can :D
    can't wait for all the new posts here, welcome back haha

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram