Our 1st anniversary.

Hello, my lovely readers.

Never in million years I tought that a single app could change my whole life so dramaticaly. Here I am year later and sometimes I stillcatch myself sitting there and looking  at my boyfriend thinking how the hell I got so lucky.

It's been one crazy year .We gone through a lot, good and bad but we are supporting each other no matter.

At some points you feel like you should do something different... be a bit different.....There was a really bad moment at my life and I wouldbe able to put myself back together if my boyfriend wouldnt shake me and make me understand.It's sure as day that it was a hell for him too, but here we are...endured everything and life's good again.

We first met on 28th of November and I remember myself thinking if this will be our last time meeting I will be so freaking bad. Because back then I was so hard for me to like someone ..still not sure what was the reason,but then he comes and I'm smilling like a fool and can't wait next date. 

As you see we did meet again...and again and on 2nd december we were officialy couple. Feels really weird to talk about it because sometimes you just feel like you need to hide your relationshipfrom the world, because people liketo judge,be jealous of your happines and etc. But no negative things needed here.

We have shared so many adventures together trip,bike marathon, a hike.....and it's just the beggining to all this. We already have some trips planned and i can promise that you will be reading all about it....if not even watching hehe.

After all I don't really know if there's any secret for a perfect relationship...probably the biggest key is in the small thin....reminding each other how much you love each other and thing like that

....we are only people and nothing's ever perfect. We make mistakes,we fight,but the most important is to never give up. Forgive and forget and be happy together. Showthe world that we are strong enough to endure everything. 

Happy our first anniversary baby. 

All the love.Annie 


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