November movie list

Hello, my lovely readers.

Since I'm working in a new cafe and it's like really quiet and chilly I have started to wath much more movies than I'm that annoying person right now that asks for movies to watch

Before I wasn't really into movies and everyone always were so shocked - how comes you haven't seen it? Now it's more like - Jesus Annie since when you watch movies like that.

Must admit that since my boyfriend forces me to watch movies frommuch different style than I'm used to and the weirdest about this is probably that I'm really enjoying them. So here's a little list with movies I really enjoyed.

The Legends of fall - Found this one in a list - movies for a coldautumn evening and toughtwhynotto watch it. I was planning to watch the whole list with movies but turns out I watched only this one. Must say its one really cool movie....with a lot of going on...Story about three brothers and their father living in the wildernes and plains of Montana in the early 20th century and how their lives areaffected by nature,history,war and love. Sounds like a typical love story? Well it definitely is not.

The Dog's purpose - Why is that all movies about dogs are so sad? I laught,cried,laugh again and cried again. Then randomly hugged my dog for at least 20 minutes and cried again. ( you should have seen the face my dog made) After all I'm really glad I watched this movie. I think that when I will have kids and they will face the saddnes of losing a pet I will show them this movie.

Robin Hood (2010 film) - Here we go.This was first movie I watched witch is out of my comfort zones movies haha. After watching this movie I understood that even if there's so much fighting and blood there's a story under that all and when I started to go deep in to the movie I understood that it atually is very interesting.

Troy - After I watched Robin Hood I asked my boyfriend to tell me more movies like that because it suddenly was so interesting.And then he told me this one,I watched this movie three days,but I did get till very end and even cried at the end. Jup,Annie's the weirdo who cries at the end of so harsh movies.

Fury - From all the movies I watched lately this one goes to the very 1st place as my november's favourite movie. I was so into this movie that after it ended I couldn't stop thinking about it. Of course I also cried at the end ofthe movie. But honesly this was sucha brilliant movie that I'm sure after sometime gonna watch it again.

Winter's tale - Fairytale with a happy ending and tears from my eyes ( of course) it was really nice to watch something romantic after all those harsh war movies. Even if I start to like all movie types romace movies will be always my favourites....and even bigger plus if there's something from fairytales in it.

Fraight Night - Uuuuu vampires.... I tought this movie willbe a bit different and must say I was a biiiit disapointed after I watched it. Too much vampire stuff.....but at the same time it is a vampires movie.....but still. I was hoping for something a bit better.

American sniper - A war movie I didn't like ( it sounds so weird) Im not sure that I got the story till end and I think that it was the reason I couldn't really understand it till end and couldnt enjoy. Must say that it was very emotional.

Limitless - Have to admit that we did not watch this movie till end so i'm not still sure what i think about it,but it was pretty cool how they showed that our minds can be fooled and how we need something that makesus do things....that we can't do it simply because we want to.

The age of Adeline - This was something else. A really nice and lightweight movie... easy to watch and easy to understand. Even if at some moments it did get a bit too expected like you know how will it end. But after all a good movie

Probably if I will do this list also next month then there will be only Christmas movies hehe.

Have you seen any of these? How you liked?

If you have any movie suggstions for me feel free to spam me all

All the love.Annie x


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