November fave's

Hello,my lovely readers.

There's a lot of things happened in my life that have made me a bit different person than I was some time ago. I guess it's just that you don't  really have a chanse and you are really tired of all the time complaining so you just put on a smile and be happy.

Even it's only 21st of November,I have done so much interesting things that  I just can't wait to tell you all about it. So it just leaves just one - Just write it all down right?

Your favourite band's concert - I think by now you all know who's my favourite bandis. Last year I had a post where I was talking only about the concert and fangirling like crazy. But that doesnt mean that this year was bad. I think ''Hurts'' gets better with every concert and new album. But yeah, it was one perfetyl perfect night. We dance till we couldn't feel our legs and singed our hearst out. What a lovely night.

Happy faces before the concert. We can't wait the next time our boys will be back in Latvia again.

Leather leggings - Have to be very honest in this with you - I was very skeptic about leather legging...only thing I allowed myself to wear was leather tables have turned. The best with them is that they cant realy get dirty and even if they do you can easily wash it off ...joking....actually no i'm not you can reallydo it hahaha. what do you think of leather leggings?

''Word snack '' - It's a really fun game for your phone I found thanks to my Facebook friends.It's something like Scrable, only you do it all on phone. There's different levels and each level gives you differnt letters and how many words you have to see there. Pretty fun and difficul at the same time. Exspecialy, when you play it in your native lamguage and you tought that you know things.

Non traditional tights - I think I have this point in myalmost every post about faves.....well i just love to tell you about new onesI have found.....and these ones are with leopard print....but don't think im too crazy,they black with grey so it's not that bad. 

Making up with your best friend -  Life is all about  doing something stupid you later regret,saying something you actually didn't mean and so it goes on. And sometimes you need a lil break from each other to understand how much you mean to each other. That's what happened with my friend and I....let's not get in to details, just focus on the good. 

''After you'''book - Finally after long time I finally got the sequel to ''Me before you'' and must say I enjoy reading it. Honestly,it seem a bit weird at first because I somehow got the feeling that I'' reading some cheesy teenager romance,but it gets more interesting with time.

Long walks with doggy - Honestly,this is my all time fav activity this year. Yes,it'sgetting colder and darker and in the morning it's not possible tosimply get out of bed, but after all its worth. My doggy and I love long walks in the center, parks,beach.....everywhere.And it makes you relax and get your head together.


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