My all time favourite facial product.

Hello, my lovely readers.

How it's already last day of November? Honeslty it sometimes scares me how fast time yesterday it was still August. And that's why it's the perfect time to start to panic about Christmas..

But today's blog post won't be about Christmas, but soon you will read also about something Christmasy.

Anyway, today all attention is to my all time favourite facial product - Mixa cleansing micellar water. So let's find out something more about the brand and see my amazing expierence.

At the beginning of the 1920s, in the outskirts of Paris a young and innovative french pharmacist by the name Dr Roger opened his very own pharmacy. A traditional apothecary,his expertise and passion was mixing active ingredients to create oinments that would help soothe a number of skin irritations. 

Roger used his expertise of mixing active ingredients and prepared a caring ointment for severely dry, rough hands.He used a special mixing technique in his laboratory to blend cream with traditional apothecary ingredients. This special mixing technique then gave the brand it's centennial name - Mixa. 

Since then, Mixa has kept innovating and providing specialist solutions for sensitive skin to accompany women and their families in their active lives, with effective,sik-respecting products in textures that are pleasurable  to use.

My favourite thing about this is that it has nospecific smell or colour and it already shows you that it might be really good. Second best thingis that this magical thing doesn't make my face feel likeI have putted on peel-off mask and it starts to get hard. It actually really makes my face feel clean after a long day. 

Since I started using this my face really feels better,it doesn't get it usual winter and cold weather red marks and doesn't get allergic. Actualy,this is one of the first products I can use without worrying that maybe after some weeks it gets like- nop i don't like this shit. 

And it's not that Latvia you can get this for like 5 euros and I don't know for me this bottle goes for a long time like for  a month or something so theres no problems at all. 

I'm very happy with this product and I think that I no longer will use other product for my skin. This is definitely the best.

Have you tried Mixa products? 

All the love. Annie 


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