How to survive long distance relationship.

Hello, my lovely readers.

Never in million years I tought that I will tell other that basically I have a long distance relationship....well we can't really know where life will take us right?

Well....not really along distance's like 2 weeks he's away 2 weeks at home....and those 2 weeks which he's away are hell. I know that others have much more difficult situation and that other couplesdont see each other for months....but still also 2 weeks seems long enough

Since I'm not the only one like this I decited to write down some tips that I figured myself and some that my friends told me that keeps you busy so the times flies much faster.

Walks - Just seems that walks have become a really important part of my life sinnce I have a doggie. But I can tellyou that while you walk time flies extreamly fast. It was like that one day we were just walking and I tought that we are out just like 30 minutes or something..turns out we were walking 2 hours and it was starting to get dark.

Whatsapp - Probably the best app for those two weeks,we can chat,send each other selfies and even call each other. My boyfriend works on a ship for two weeks and there's just wi-fi so basically whatsapp is our only wayof communication. So thank you whatsapp for all haha.

Keep yourself busy - This is the hardest part. At least for me. When I'm bored I just get really emotional,start to think how much I miss him and the way out? Don't let yourself be bored. Keep doing something. While he's away I much more try to work (so I can get some free days when he's back with no bad feeling), meet with friends, stay with mum,with boyfies helps a lot.

Happy toughts - Keep yourself together and don't think anything bad. That will just make everything worse. Try to think about some cool things you both will do together when he's back. I know you think that it will be harder to endure.....but think about how happy you will be.

Clean and rearrange - Clean your wadrope, documents,things, rearrange your room or whole home. It will keep you busy for a longt time. Also,now is excatlythe best time to start decorating... so take out allyour Christmas decors. It really helped me, because it keep you busy for hours and after that you get that nice feeling.

Watch a lot of movies - And a little bit more positive. You are home alone and it's the perfect time to watch all the romantic and cheesy movies your boyfriend doesn't want to watch. And you can cry your eyes out and no one will give you weird looks....doesnt sound so bad right??

Have a time for yourself - Take a bubble bath,listen to one direction as loud as possible, stay in your pajamas all day, eat junk food. It's the perfect time to look ugly and enjoy it haha

And be ready for stupid suprises as today happened to me. Yesterday talked with my boyfriend and he told me that he have no idea when he will be back home. Today I get a messege - honey i will be home in 30 minutes suprise. I didn't want to tellyoubecause then you would be worried and so on. So thats why he lied yesterday about being in hotel when he actually was halfway home.

And so it's never boring being me haha.

I really want to hear your expierences and ideas for more tips. So feel freeto tell me all  xx

Hope you enjoyed

All the love Annie x


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