BYS's Nude Exposed Eyeshadow Tin review.

Hello, my lovely readers.

It's been a while since the last time I have done some of beauty product reviews. To those who have njoyed them...well it's your lucky day because today I'm in a extreamly good mood and I'm into blogging tonight.

Tonight's topic is BYS nude exposed eyesadow pallete. I'm not new with BYS cosmetic, those who read my blog regulary may remember that I got anther pallete from them and also some lipsticks.Must say I really like this cosmetic brand.

These eyesadows9 and also other nude collection paalettes)  looks excatly the same as Urban Decay Naked palletes, not only with the pacage but also with the tones. Nver in my life I have tried the Naked eyeshadows (only because you can't buy those here in my country) but I'm pretty happy with these ones.

BYS Nude Exposed Eyeshadow Palette features an array of 24 expertly chosen matte and metallic eyeshadows. The highly pigmented powder formulation provides rich colour payoff, and comes housed in modern, embossed tin featuring a mirror and 2 dual end applicators. 

The best abut this is that many of those tones are in metallic/shiny way and also in matte way, so you can like choose if you want to shine bright or look just simply pretty. 

These eyeshadows are smooth and creamy so it's really easy to apply them and to mix with other tones. Also to the beginner who's new to all these eyeshadow raftin, it would be very easy to learn with these ones. 

And the best? You can make those sexy smokey eyes with these for the perfect Halloween costume. 

Have you tried these? And if yes how you liked? 

All the love. Annie x


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  1. We don't have Urban Decay nor this here haha so no, I haven't heard of this, but the palette looks nice with lots of eyeshadows
    I only wish there was some reddish/burgundy color in there

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