Welcome to the dog mommy life.

Hello,my lovely readers.

Happy first days of fall. Don't ask me why but I'm too much excited for this years fall. Something about all those lights,candles,cozy blankets and bright orange colour sthis year feels magical.

But talking about the main stuff...wella huge thing have happened in my life. My boyfriend and I are parents now.....to cute lil doggy boy Christofer. And in today's post I want you all to meet them.

Get cozy and ready for a huge cuttnes dose.

Meet Christofer a 3 months old collie boy. He is aboslutely fluffy and absolutely adorable. He's came a long way from Finland,but he understand latvian language just fine. My friends and I came up with the joke - you are not truly Annie's friend if you don't have a picture with her dog.Yeah, everyone who's been visiting us got a picture with Chris.

He's a really hyper boy and wants to play a lot with his toys and us. 

It's really hard to get adobted to the whole doggy life after you only have had cats, but I hope we are doing just fine. Must admit,waking at 7am on  your free day is really hard, but once your out and walking with your doggie you can wake up just perfectly....I guess once the cold morning air hits your face you can wake up even better than from coffee.

And a little cute family photo with us. Btw here you can see my new hair finally. It's a bit of something like ginger or caramle....something in the middle. 

Hope you enjoyed this little blog post. But heeyy,at least I'm back.

All the love.Annie xx


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  1. You look very pretty, but the dog stole the show here! Chris is absolutely adorable and I love his name! Lovely family :)

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram