There's 2 types of people in the world challenge

Hello, my lovely readers.

What's the best way how to get back on blogging after a huge break? When someone tags you in a challenge. There's no way how you can not do the challenge. You have to no matter what.

So I was tagged in a pretty cool challenge witch I think is amazing way how my readers and your readers can get us know better. With simple questions,but still.

So the rules are that I have to answer to the category which one is me. Honey said that I can take her catgeories or search for my own...well I will do both hehe :)

One alarm or 100 alarms
Definitely one alarm, I know that if I will let my sleep 10 more minutes and then again then I won't get out of bed at all that day. So better one horrible alarm and then I can get up.

Pepsi or Coca Cola
Honestly,I see no difference between these two,but most of the time it's cola,because well it the old good classic.

Bookmark or folded edge
Bookmark definitely,I really hate when my book pages gets folded,it imediately looks old and not fresh

Movies or books
Depends on my mood mostly,but I'm more of a book fan.

Multi texting or one long text message
I'm definitelya multi texter and I know how much it anoys everyone,but I think it's easier to get all the info :D

Ketchup on fries or ketchup besides fries
Usually I put ketcup besides fries,but when my boyfriend adds the sauce for me he puts it on fries, so kinda both works for me

Wearing a bra or not wearing a bra
Living by the rule - outside bra is on, once I'm home there's no bra.

Cutting sandwich in the middle or cutting sandwich diagonally
I'm the third kind of people who doesn'tcut the sandwich, just eat it like that haha

iOS or Android
iOS,because once you start to use Iphone,you just fall in love and nothing else matters.

Breaking chocolate into pieces or biting chocolate like a sandwich
Of course, breaking into pieces, like why would you do something so horrible to chocolate?!

It's been a long and emotional day so I felt that with 10 catgeroies should be just fine. It's funny how you look at some catgeroies and understand that you can't really put yourelf in one,because kind a you're not any of them.

Uhhh too much weird talking. Let'sbetter tag others to do this amazing challenge and I will go like this - If you are reading this now then go to your blog and do this challenge. ( Sorry for the max lazines :D)

I hope you enjoyed.

All the love.Annie xx


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  1. Except for movies/books and ios/android, we're the same :D
    pepsi vs cola is whatever for me, I'll drink what I have haha
    yeah, cutting sandwiches and biting chocolate - why? haha

    I'm so glad you did it :) thanks :D

    xo :*