Fall favourites

Hello, my lovely readers.

Somehow yesterday's post really made me active and excited about my blog. So here I am back this morning and today I want to talk about my this year's fall favourites.

Last year's post was more like a challenge but this year I decited to do simillar post just about different parts talking about something that I really like to do this fall.

Those who follows me on twitter may have noticed that I been super duper excited about fall this year more than any other year. Not sure why. Something about fall seems magical this year.

Knee Socks - I think that last year I talked about that I would love to have knee socks,well this year I have them. The thuth about them is that I don't know why but I feel weird with them...like Britney Spears in her ''hit me baby one more time'' video. But maybe it'sjust in my head.What do you guys think about  them?

Walks with my dog - This is something new to my life,but I absolutely love it. Walking with my little buddy,searching new places where togo.It's really cool and amazing. The annoying part of this is all those people who goes with all the awww and uhhss yes yes I know I was the same, but when youat the other side uhhh :D

Fall Movies - Not long ago I found a list that was created by my country's new's website about fall movies that needsto be seen this year. I already watched one ofthem ''Legends of fall'' with Bred Pitt. Damn what a movie, honestly I was not excepting such a bunch of so many things happening in one movie. My boyfriend after I told him what movie was about got like what the actual hell.But you should watch it,it's weird but interesting for sure.
Then in the list there's movies like - The lake house, Pride and Prejudice, Autumn in New York. Sweet November, The bridges of Madison Country, Dead Poets Sociey and Good Will Haunting.I haven't seen any of these movies,so I plan to watch these all while my boyfriends away.

Tumblr - A huge come back for me is tumblr.I have had a tumblr since I started my whole internet obsession. I have had many different blog styles there,starting from posting my own pictures and ending with cars. Now I had a huge break from it and then one day I tought why not to try and then somehow I found those all nature and fall and Christmas blogs. I imediately knew that that's what I want. So now when I'm kind of bored I just opne tumblr and time flies. Here's my blog,so feel free to follow me.

Candles - What's a fall night without any good candles around? It was august or even still july when I bought 4 candles that smels like different cakes or fresh baked cookies.When I bought them I immeditaley knew - those goes for autumn.

Jumpers and hoodies - Even if I really really love dresses and I even have some warn winter dresses to be wore...I can't wait togo shopping and buy myself some new oversized hoddies and jumpers. Best place to find them? Definitely second hands.

How about you? What makes you all excited for fall?
Hope you enjoyed.

All the love Annie xx


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  1. I love this post :D
    I dislike fall cause rain and short days. However, I'm really looking forward to buying some winter dresses and taking pictures everywhere haha
    walking that cutie must be a great thing :D I would probably scream 'awwww' when I see it haha
    knee socks - I have them. they do look kinda weird but I wore them with shorter dress and heels to keep me warmer and I think it looked just fine. I also love the look of them to some boots :D
    movies - legends of the fall is that good? I had my eyes on it but the version I have can't be played on my laptop so I have to get another one. I also want to see bridges of Madison county :D

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