Living on your own

Hello, my lovely readers.

There's  a lot of new things happening lately and mostly those things are huge and changes my life a lot. And one of the huge things is that I'm now living on my own with my boyfriend.

It all is fantasic and amazing feeling that you have now your onw little place, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities and more of doing every day stuff that maybe we didn't do before living with our parents.

So today I will talk about some things that should help you get better with living on your own if you plan to soon to move out.

Don't spend too much money - I think the biggest mistake we both made was spending too much money on our first day living in our new flat. We basically went in shop and went like we need that and that and this and that...Don't to that. Be a little bit down to earth, because at the moment we are counting our last cents to make it till pay days. That's hard I must admit. So don't go spending all your moeny on the first day buying cool pillows, towels for kitchen and things like that, Buy just those things what are really nessecary to live. Later when your settle down and get more comfy with all let the flat more fashionable and stylish.

Try to take a much as you can from your parents - And as much as they let you take as well. For example, we did took a lot of things, like some dishes, cups and other things for kitchen, Also, bed clothes. Later, after some savings and like that you can buy own things and give all back to your parents. The truth is that I guess at first all parents are looking really skeptical about moving and like that, later most of time they call on their own to ask if you have all the nesseceray thins and if you don't need anything more.

Cooking is the real pain in the ass - Well, at first it feels like all fun and games, but later when you start to run out of ideas it's bad. Thanks God I'm still full of ideas what I can try cooking for dinner and lunch, but later I'm not quite sure what will happen later. Also, a big challenge for me is coking at all, because before I have to admit I wasn't really into the whole making and cooking. But so far I'm doing just fine, at least that's what my boyfriend tells me.

Try to make some savings - I wish we would have these now. That's really nessecary if you want to make sure that you will be able to endure whole month with no problems.Just 5$ a week will let you life with peace if some sudden spendings will happen.Also, it's very good if suddenly you come to the need of a new dress right?

Make a list of all things you need - It's much easiet to plan everything than to run around in panic after. So make a list, of things you need to take from old homes, of things you need to buy and try to sort those things out in smaller groups - one for bathroom, one for kitchen and etc. Then you can scroll tought all the lists and make sure you haven't missed anything.

Funniest of all this is that when you were still living with your parents it was soo not cool when they asked you to clean room or wash dishes. Now you want to everything to be clean and look good. Washing and cleaning is now a everyday must do in our lifes. I hope you will find some of these at least a little bit inspiring for when you are moving out.

Maybe you have some nice tips as well. Share them in coments :))

I hope you enjoyed.

All the love. Annie xx


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  1. Although I really want to move out, I don't think I'm prepared for it haha There's something in knowing your parents are always there to make everything work haha
    enjoy your new freedom
    great tips :)

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