I'm 21 now!!!

Hello, my lovely readers.

It's been a long time since last time here, but lately I have got a huge inspiration to keep my blog. I guess the true saying that you need a lil break from something sometimes is true as hell, because I have so many new ideas for my blog and I just can't wait to write it all.

How about starting with some new events for example as my 21st birthday?! Hell yes.

Cake my mommy made. 

To start with this one was a weird birthday. And with weird I meant that it was not like usually. Usually eveyone came to me and we had a lil party...welll this year it was more of a -Annie you come to use.

So turns out I basically spent my whole birthday driving to one place to another.

The first place I visited was my work. Here's my all time favourite people from my all time favourite Costa. I'm gonna miss these aamzing girls so much, because *epic drums* I'm getting raised and now I will be the  manager in other Costa. Dadadadaaaammm

As you all may noticed I did something a birt crazy with my blonde hair. Now for two weeks I will be purple head. (yeah it's wash out, not brave enough)

And I'm so sorry (not really) for looking like your typical basic girl with the whole hair and choker thing...ehhh but looks so cute right?

After visiting my work ladies...it was time for me to wait guest at home.

And here they are Lauma and Laima . With us also was Santa, but we didn't make a selfie all together :( Last time we all met in December for Christmas party, yeah, long time ago. And now finally a little part from our squad met, talked, laughed, had some wine and just spent a great time together. Everytime I meet these girls after ages I just understood how lucky I am to have them. They are just the best.

After that I was time to go to my mummy and sister. Another news are that now I'm renting a flat together with my boyfriend and I'm no longer living with my mummy and sister, so that's why I had to get there too. We did not make a selfie, but the very first picture with the cake is the cake my mummy made. :)) and it was extreamly tasty.

Finally in the evening it was time for a little bit more wine and a little bit more fun.

At first a mini party in our flat with my boyfriend and his best friend. Playing some random games and laughing and after that we went to city center to meet my friends and have a lil dancing in rock cafe. Must say you can clearly feel the age comming because we no longer can party till morning. We are old and want to go home and sleep.

And this is what happens morning after your birthday. You think that once your 21 you're a grown up, smart and all that, when actually you break a wine glass you got just yesterday as birthday present. Thanks God I managed to take to slips from ir. At least i tried it.

After all I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who made my birthday special and made me feel like a real birthda princess.

All the love. Annie xx


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