Bike trip - 90km's on bike.

Hello, my lovely readers.

I must say this year for me is probably the most sporty year to ever happen. I had my first trek in late december and I have biked longest distances in my life. And i'm sure you all kind of wanna hear out about it.

We started our long trip very early. It was 10 o'clock in the morning when we were tripping out of the city.

Our destination was a place called ''Ķemeri'' It's a small part of the city Jurmala. Basically you can say that it's the very end of that city. The only part of the Ķemeri we wanted to see was the ''Lielais Ķemeru tīrelis'' wich is nature park made in a huge bog.So it was 45 km's from our homes till there and back.

Not even rain and thunder will stop us so without lot of stops we are slowly getting closer. Must say that this trip was my second time on bige this year and Jeannete were really suprised how I endured the whole trip and wasn't feeling horrible. I don't have answer to that, but sure as hell I feel good about it.

Our first stop was in the first part of Jurmala called Priedaine. We ate late breakfast and relaxed a little bit. Note to the little fasionistas driving with bike - Never wear yellow or any other bright colour pants. After our trip my pants were full of bumps....mud bumps.

The more we drive the more we start to take stops. To drink water, to take pictures, to answer to phones calls. There is always a reason why we need to stop.

When we were half way to our destination you basically feel like that cat over there. Just wanna lay down and relax.

So as I mentioned before we started our journey at 10am. At Ķemeri we were basically I think it as quite good time for 45km's right?

But it would be a very good story without any fun action as for example the moment we reached our destination it started to rain really badly.

Like seriously. Vvery badly.But thanks to mother nature it soon stopped and we were ready to continue our trip.

This is how it looked there. Basically, you walk 2km on a wooden footbridge looking around. and all the time facing landscape like this.

Have to say for us the biggest adventour was the whole driving not as much as this.But I'm still glad we got there.

And then the hard way to home. At home we were something past 6pm. With not so much stops as before, because I felt the need to get home as fast as possible.

The end.
Hope you enjoyed.

All the love. Annie xx


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