Kiehl's hair products.

Hello, my lovely readers.

Last month in Latvia opened the firs Kiehl's shop. Honestly, this was my first time hearing about this one. So one day after work I just went in the shop to look what they offer and turns out I had a really really nice chat and got free samples and I'm definitely going back there.

So before I tell you  how I liked some of the hair products, I will tell you more about what Kiehl's actually is.

165 years ago Kiehl's began as and old- world aphotecary in New York's east village. The precusor to the original Kiehl Pharmacy,  ''Brunswick Apotheke,'' begin to serve patrons in the East Village neighborhood at the intersection of Third Avenue and Thirteenth Street, known as Ppear Tree Corner.

In 1894 Apprentice John Kiehl purchases the Brunswick Apotheke; renames establishment Kiehl Pharmacy.

In 1921 Irving Morse, apprentice to retirig John Kiehl buys the venerable pharmacy; Russian family member Prince Karl blends ''Love poil'' , the originaly formula for Kiehl's Musk oil.

In 1961 Aaron Morse takes over the family bussines from father, Irving Morse, and later introduces products for men.

In 1970s The Morse family starts to dole out generous samples to its cusomers. (yay for this)

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So thats a bit about history but now let's move to the products and my expierence with them .

Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo - Amino Acid and coconut oil derived cleansers are combinated to creat a delightful, creamy lather that gently yet thoroughly cleanses the hair. Wheat proteins and wheat starch help add body and fullness while special blend of moisturizing ingredients impart softness and a healthy shine. This shampoo is abosultey amazing, smelss like heaven and does everything it says it will do.

Kiehl's Olive fruit oil deeply repairative hair pak - Formuled for dehydrated, under-nourished, and damaged hair, repairative masque provides intense conditioning, helping to repair severely weakened hair fibers by restoring their moisture content. Formula contains the latest in haircare science with molecules that mimic natural oils,which coat healthy hair. Honestly, thi is my favourite product for now. This pak is honestly doing miracles with my vry damaged hair. I'm absolutely going to buy it and you should too.

Kiehl's nourishing olive fruit oil conditioner - Formulated for dry, dehydrated or under- norished hair, this lightweight, easily - rinsed conditioner instantly moisturizes and helps restore a healthy look to hair, leaving it manageable and supple. It smells perfectly good. Hair feels good after using it and they're easily to brush plus the smells keeps at least two days.

Kiehl's creme with silk groom - Unique creme with Silk groom moisturizes, protects and conditions hair from an optimal styling experience. Formulated with silk powders and naturally-absorbed oils and moisturizers derived from wheat protein, soy protein and jojoba oil, it's non-greasy grooming aid has become worl- renowned for it's silky smoothnes and superior efficacy. If there's any other hair product that smells so good and so strong that people asks you whats the new perfume? I'm so in love with this cream,it helps you a lot if you use hair straighteners a lot.  Damn amazing. Definitley in my to-buy list.

Have to say I am really really happy with these Kiehl's products I have tried. My hair really feels stronger and healthier.

Hope you enjoyed.

Stay connected for the part 2 about face products.

All the love. Annie


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  1. These are that good? omg I need to try them then. I've started really taking care of my hair recently, so this came in the perfect time :)

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