Interview with designer Jeanette Rhein.

Hello, my lovely readers.

You all may remember how much I love doing interviews with interesting people. Well, it's been a while since my last interview. So at the moment when you understand that your best friend who you meet almost every day is ''soon to be a famous desinger'' it's time to sit down with a cup of coffee and talk.

This September Jeanette started school in Latvian Culture college learning speciallity Desinger and Management. At that moment, we didn't know how far this all will actually go. Now, it feels like I already know one of the best future desingers.

For as long as I can remeber Jeanette and I being friends, she's always been very into drawing, and I remember myself thinknig - damn, I wish I could draw as good as she can. I think Jeanette proves to all of as that you always need to follow your dreams. No matter what.

With a lot of work and a huge passion for her work, she's gone very far and I think this all is just beginning for something very huge and bright.

1.How did you came to the idea that you want to be a desinger?

I draw since I was 4 years old. As I grew older I experimented with different techniques and drew a lot of different objects such as landscapes, ceramics etc. By meeting different kinds of people, by working in different places I understood that as I only live once, I have to do it as well as I can. My lifegoal is to make my hobby become as my job so I could never complain about terrible bosses and responsibilities as most of the society do. Drawing is a meditation for me and it has became as a part of myself. I wanna do things I love as much as possible.

2.Where do you get your ideas for your drawing?

My main inspiration is moving – getting out of my hometown. Despite the fact I grew up in the city,I’m often in search for peace, silence and being alone. Daily I live in hurry and I can’t find inspiration there. The only way is spending time in more peaceful places outside my hometown. I’m huge nature lover – nature also gives me ideas and strength to keep creating things. Actually I never search for ideas- they find me. Wheather I dream them, or I just suddenly see them in front of my eyes as visions.

3.What's your goal you want to reach?

The goal I want to reach is becoming a well known artist / designer in Europe. I want to earn money by drawing everyday.I want to earn enough money to I can afford the basics for living and also to travel as mucjh as I can. Traveling is my second passion, by the way. I want to help people making their rooms, world and relationships more beautiful with my illustrations. I want people to look at my illustrations someday and say – these are Jeannette’s illustrations, she’s a beautiful person and talanted artist!

4.What's the most difficult about all this?

The most difficult are the days when I want to quit my dream. I hear a lot of opinions that it’s impossible to earn money with drawing nowadays etc. Sometimes Thanks god such a thoughts don’t last more that 15 minutes. I want to prove people that it is possible to earn money by the things I love. This process include hard work, but I’m not afraid of that. I’ll keep doing things, because life is too short to don’t believe in myself.

5.Does other people opinion about yourdrawing and work affect you and your next drawings?

It depends what kind of opinion I hear. Great words help me going further. Then it also depends what kind of bad words I hear. If I hear adequate criticism from people who believe in me, then I listen and think about what they say and later make a conclusions. If other people say that they don’t like the way I draw or act I don’t even listen to them. You can’t go further in your life if you care about other’s opinion. That’s the thing I wish to you all – never care about what other people say. You have your own life. Live it as well as you can.

Wasn't this interview a big bomb of inspiration? Just go, do want you like, what makes you happy and try your best at it, not really minding other people. People often ask us how we can be such good friend if we are so different? Well...I just think we have the same thinking about this and we perfectly updating each other.

This is one of my favourites.

Who knows maybe after lots of years when I will be world famous blogger and Jeanette will be world famous desinger we will do another interview. (fingers crossed )

For all the news about Jeanette and her work you can find in her Facebook page , hit the ''like'' button and always be the first to know the news.

I hope you all enjoyed this post.

All the love. Annie xx


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