Hints for a perfect Spring outfit.

Hello, my lovely readers.

Spring is the time of the year when everything kind of wakes up. Must admit, I had a hard time in January and February, I was sick and tired of all the grey weather and coldness, so you can imagine how happy I'm right now when everything is blooming.

That's why I thought to share with you all my little hints and tips how to make your everyday outfit a little bit more Spring like. Because let's be real - we all want to look blooming too right?

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No pants -  Sorry not sorry but I think that Spring is when we can finally show off our legs. They been stuck in jeans for long enough and deserves to feel the fresh air to. Must admit, that it's not that hard if you have enough skirts or dresses to change. (Might be a bit hard if you have just two skirts and one dress) For me at least it's like if I start to wear skirts it's hard to get back to pants. If you are not so sure if you will be able to manage accustom yourslef to lot of skirt wearing, challenge yourself. There's a lot of new challenges like 30 days in skirts. Challenge yourself and when it's over treat yourself, for example with a new dress....Why not?

Bright colours - Don't be afraid to wear some bright colours to refresh your outfit. For example, I love wearing colourfull tights, last years I loved the orange ones, this year it's time for green ones. Believe me, it will look absolutely stunning with a black dress for example. And the best part about this? Not many will wear that kind of tights, so you will be very original with that. Of course, wear bright colours not only for tights, but for shirts, dresses and everything else. Spring is the time to be cheerfull, leave the black for latter. The colours I'm absolutely loving that are trending this year are flame, pink yarrow, lapis blue and greenery.

Pastels - This year, and prety much as many other years, pastel tones are trending as well. For Spring Ithink they look pretty cute, but I think pastel tones are better for Summer, when you have tanned and then it stands out with a cute white dress. But, of course, in Spring they will look good too, blooming and airily, which is what we want in Spring, something light. Some of cute tones this year - sand, honey, melon, peach ice, primrose yellow, hazelnut and pale dogwood. The best about pastel tones? That you can mix them with brighter versions or even neon tones.

Man style shoes -  Forget about your sneakers, you ain't got time for that. Wear something cute and comfy at the same time. One of the best things I bought this Spring definitely are the classic man style shoes in a cute blood red colour. They look good together with basically everything, with pants, with dresses and also with skirts. Now they are in almost every shop possible in many different styles and colours.

Accessories and make up - Don't forget that the best way how to refresh your outfit is all the accessories starting from small earrings and ending with cute scarfs. Even the blackest of black outfit with look springly with a cute flowery scarf or bright red lips. Yes, make up is a huge part of the outfit too. And don't be afraid to try something new and absolutely crazy too. Why not try cute purple eye-liner instead of the basic black one? Will definitely look amazing.

Another usefull hint is that very much and cute and interesting stuff you can find in all the second hand shops. Sometimesyou find there something so cool that you can't believe your luck. Another great stuff to do - change some clothes with your best friend. Just did it and feels like you now have bunch of new stuff and its amazing.

I hope you enjoyed.

All the love. Annie xxx


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  1. Great post!
    Spring is my favorite season and I couldn't wait for it to come. :)
    I would basically agree on everything you wrote, only the replacement of jeans with skirts as I'm almost always in jeans (at least when I go to college every day)
    I'm also trying to buy one comfy shoes (kinda ballet flats style but not that flat) and some brown block heels cause why not ? :D

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  2. Great tips - wish I could get away with not wearing anything on my legs though! All over the bright colours though, love injecting some colour into my outfits recently.

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx