How relationship changes your life.

Hello, my lovely readers.

It's been a while since last time...To be correct excatly 4 months.....A lot of things happened and a lot of things have changed in these months.

But to be honest, I fell good that I kind of took a lil break from my blog. I noticed that my posts became uniformly, also I absolutely missed my blog and I have a lot of new ideas what to write and what to do with my blog.

Enough with the boring intodruction part and let's go straight to bussines. One of the reasons why my blog wa sso quiet last months is that I'm now in a really amazing relationship with the most amazing boy alive. So Ii came up with an idea that my return post could be related to this fact. And why not to make a list of all the things that let's start.

New things - You have to face a lot of new things. In a relationship you have to focus not only on your interests but also focus on your partner interestes. And there's a possibilty that his/hers interests and hobbies are something new to you, For example, now I get to hear thing about sport cars and thing like that. Also, you meet new people,  friends of your partner, family and again you have to face new things, their traditions. All seems scary at the first time, but my time you can easily ge used to it.

Everything comes in double - Money diassapears two times faster than ussualy, because thing you use to do alone now comes in double. Same goes to buying food and cooking, much more cooking and much more thing ''what to eat for dinner?' If before I didn't pay much atention to this then now it's much different story. And suddenly you understand that there's not actually so much space in your bed as you used to thing.

Overthinging is your new hobby - Even if you are not a person who loves to overthing things , in a relationship it happens anyway. I know from myself that I feel really bad about overthingking and making up things that will never happen, it still somehow happens at sleepless nights. And the worst? There is probably no way how you can fight this.

Your friends gets mad - ''You don't love me anymore'' '' We never spend time together'' ''You are always with him''. These are the lines your friends says....and even if everyone understand that relationship takes a lot of time and everyone knows that if it would be them, they would be the same, they still get mad at you for not being there 24/7. The sad truth about this is that the real friends will stay and understand...the fake ones will slowly fade away....and maybe that even for the best.

All the love. Annie


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  1. Welcome back :D
    I'm so glad you're having a good time and being happy in a relationship :)

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