Guest post from Laima!

Hello, Annie's followers and blog readers!

I'm Laima from and today we are switching things up! :) Since Annie and I are very good friends and haven't seen each other for quite a while we decided to connect by doing guest posts for each other's blog. For the theme we chose Autumn Favourites and I'm here to tell you all about mine!

So let's get into it!

1. Purple lipstick - For the longest time I searched for a lipstick colour that would fit my hair and skin colour. And when I found it...oh, boy, I never took it off. Purple lipstick is an absolute Holy Grail for me. I don't leave the house without it and if I do, well, my face feels naked. I have two lipstick colours that I absolutely adore and would recommend. First one being Avon ColorTrend in the shade 'Purple'. I really like how opaque it goes, but I definitely need to take this with me when I go out, because it wears off. Second one/my favourite being Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in the shade 'Addiction'. I'm in love with this product and I don't know what I'll do when it runs out, because I can't buy it in my country. Though, one thing I'm annoyed with is that it says it's matte, but it doesn't go matte even after a couple of hours.

2.Hocus Pocus - This is my favourite Halloween movie and Halloween is basically the peak of Autumn, so I'm definitely adding this to the list. I can watch this one all through the year. When I was little I used to sing SJP's/Sarah Sanderson's children luring song as a lullaby to myself before bed, so you know my love for this movie runs deep.

3. Green accessories - When I pick out my clothes or accessories I usually try to contrast. In Autumn, when the leaves turn orange/brown, I like to wear green earrings, rings and scarves to make up for the lack of green in the nature. Also, green, purple and brown correlates really well together, so that's a big plus.

4. My Birthday - It is no secret that if a month/season has your birthday in it, it becomes even more special. Beginning of November holds my birthday, that's why I like Autumn even more. I used to hate that I was born when it's cold. That meant I couldn't celebrate it by the sea or in the countryside where it's warm, like most of my friends did. But now I absolutely love it. If I love one thing it's cosying up with friends when it's cold and eating cake to celebrate me not dying.

5.Rain - Rain in Autumn is everything!! You can get your favourite wellies and coat on, get your favourite umbrella and be in your own bubble for a while. Plus, if you have the right playlist on, it's like a scene straight from the movie.

6.Dark mornings/evenings - I've never been an early bird. I've always preferred darkness over light. That's why when it gets dark in the evenings or darker in the mornings, I'm in my element. I also like darkness better, because when it's dark and cold and you have your scarf on covering your mouth, you can mouth the words along to the songs playing in your ears, and no one notices.

7.Tea, candles and sweaters - nothing says Autumn, like the combination of these three. It's the Holy Trinity of these three months. It's been quite warm most of September here in Latvia, so I wasn't really able to bust out my favourite sweaters, but, oh, October, I'm coming for you.

If you'd like to read what Annie wrote about her Autumn favourites, come over to my blog at FayFox

I really hope you enjoyed reading my guest post. :)

Hope to see you again, L!


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  1. The only things I like here are lipsticks and accessories. I hate rain, darkness, not a huge fan of Halloween, pumpkin flavors or long-sleeved clothes... haha
    enjoy the autumn :D

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle