Last adventure this summer

Heeyyoo my lovely readers.

It's September. I have no idea where the hell this summer went. Anyway, I must say I'm also super excited fro autumn and winter. I hope you all are having a nice beginning of September and will have a nice study year.

I'm starting my uni on Monday and I'm so excited and scared at the same time that I don't even know. Don't worry you all will be able to read about that. Today I want to share with you last summer's adventure. My sister and I went to another city and it was absolutely amazing.

Before I start I just want to tell you that it doesn't mean that summer's now over and there won't be anymore adventure posts from another cities. There will be! Lots of them!

We went to city called Ogre. Which is only 40 minutes long train ride away from our house. Yes, not even city centre but our house. ( we kind of live at the end of our capital city haha) Ogre is a small city and when you are in the main part of it it doesn't feel much different than Riga. Only it's much quiet and greener. Of course, the deeper you go the greener it gets and you don't feel like in the capital city at all. 

Turns out understanding maps are much harder than we thought and turns out Ogre is not that small after all.

Very beautiful city with  a huge huge Latvian flag in the middle of the center.

What we really really wanted to see was the nature park called - Ogres blue mountains. It a very beautiful places and everyone must see it. Here we are in the middle of our way back from the park. Turns out they are not in the Ogre anymore and we get the chance to get this amazing picture.....just you cant see the ''e'' letter haha

Up and up we go. This was really hard adventure because we were walking up and won from mountains all the time. My legs were hurting two days after this trip. 

Very magical place.

Two happy girls on our way back home. It was absolutely random idea, but turns out perfect as always.

We are already planning some other trips for autumn and winter as well so get ready for lots of more cool posts.

Have a perfect September.

All the love. Annie xx


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  1. Ogre looks amazing and I'm so jealous because I want to do small trips like this, but non of my friends are up for it :(

    Honey - Royal Lifestyle