What's happening in my life right now!

Hello, my lovely readers.

Another crazy week is over and I must say the biggest sorry for you all because this week I have been very quiet on social media. Not only here on my blog, but also on Twitter and Instagram. You all know the reason for that and there's no point to tell it again.

But today I thought I would give you a nice post with lots of pictures showing what I have been up to last days and how I enjoyed last weeks before my student life beggings.

Moments like these, when there's just your bike, you and all the beautiful nature around you.

All these photos are taken in the place where my grandpa lives. Isn't it such a beautiful place? Places like these really makes you full of energy and positive thoughts. 

A funny story from this little bike trip. I was driving with my bike and listening to rock music in my head phones. Turns out, rock music gives you a lot of energy too, because I crossed the bridge in two minutes....usually its like a bit longer. So people, listen t rock music haha ,

Also, August is the time when my all time favourite berries are finally ready. Blackberries for life. Also, I as a long time barista can suggest you to try blackberry syrup in your latte or flat white. Believe me, you won't regret it. 

Let's not forget about a nice time with friends. Rock n roll is king!! Dancing till 4a.m and next day you have the long shift at work....why not? 

Two Annie's enjoying a nice cup of coffee. As you all know we both work in Costa Coffee and there we have chocolate cookie syrup. We went to this other coffee shop and the barista suggested us to try brownie syrup. We were so excited. Turns out it's the same as we have only they call it differently. 

Beach time with sister. Last days here in Lavia was very cold and rainy. I'm glad it's over, it means more beach days with sister while it's still summer. 

Cheers for friendships that lasts from primary school till nowadays and I'm sure more and more more years. We don't meet very often, but the best is that when we meet it doesn't fee awkward. We laugh and talk loud just the same as always. 

True fact - It's more to play fun games if you have wine in your head. Laima and I have made sure that it is absolutely right. You can't see it here, but we also had cakes hihihi. 

What I am going to miss the most in winter, definitely will be these nice and beautiful evening after work or simply enjoying. 

And for the last a cute cup of coffee made by me. Sorry, not the best art I could make, but still looks cute. 

Well, this is it. A lot of pictures and not so much talking which is unusual for me, but sometimes need to do like this. 

I promise I will be back soon with all my regular beauty posts and adventure posts. It's just that I'm still catching the last summer days. Also, get ready for some very cool and interesting cooking posts because I got a new recipe book haha 

All the love. Annie xxx 


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