Opening up - Life changing decisions!

Hello, my lovely readers.

First I want to say huge sorry for being so quiet in August. I guess I don't really have any reason for it...I'm just lazy that's all.

Second....this is going to be a lot of different post that all other because this time I want to be all honest and tell you all about my life changing decisions and I hope you will like to read it because as you see it took me long time to get all together what I really want and even longer time to actually open up and talk about it.....Gosh, I'm making such a big deal about all this.

I will start with the thing that till the last I thought will be the real for me. I was planning to move to the UK to study there Fashion Journalism. Till very last I thought that yes that's exactly what I want. I thought that jumping into everything new is exactly what I want. Imagine, it's not only as in the song  ''small town girl'' but it's a small country girl in a whole new planet not knowing anyone. Scary shit isn't it. Back then it all felt really interesting for me and I thought that it will be so cool.

Now I can say only one thing. Those were the pink glasses on my eyes and I weren't thinking straight. My whole family was telling me how hard it actually would be, being so far away from each other for tree years, not even knowing if I would be able to come home for Christmas, for example. And one day those glasses fell.

I'm not really sure what made me change my mind, but one day I woke up and I knew - I don't want to go. I want to stay home, with my friends, with my family, knowing cute secret places and just being here - home. I must say I was scared to tell anyone about my change of mind because I thought people will laugh that months ago I was so excited and then suddenly I have changed my mind, but then I told my sister and we had a real heart to heart conversation and then at that very moment I knew - I am staying!

 At the very beginning, it all felt like a dream came true, I was being really really happy about getting one step closer to actually moving to the UK and then it all stopped. I became scared to the reality that would come with all the moving. Searching for a new job in a country where I would have to talk in a language that I'm learning. Searching for new friends. Being homesick and definitely, those would be the scariest parts of the all. No, I said to myself, Annie, stop and listen to your least for one.

And here I am today. I did really listen to my heart. I'm staying home. I will start university in September in my hometown. I will be studying Journalism. I'm staying at my work. And the most important part I'm staying with my family and friends....and cats. haha

As my brother said - the best about all this is that it was all my idea, no one made me change my mind. I just carefully listened to my heart. Home will be home and nowhere you will get the same feeling as at home.

After all this I can say that guys, really, sometimes just stop and listen to your heart. And you will find out that your heart will make you the happiest than ever.

All the love. Annie.


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  1. Moving to another country is big test for yourself. I was thinking about moving to UK two or three years ago, I wanted to become an actress & study abroad. My mom said that firstly I will never become actress, secondly that I will have to do everything by my own: finding uni, finding new work place, finding place where to live, struggling with money at the beginning, finding people who trust and who will help you, etc. Anything of that didn't scare me, but knowing that I will be away from my family and especially my little brother - I felt terrible. Nobody wanted me to leave my home & fam. I think not everybody is meant to leave. So I stayed and now I'm studying here and I only have one year left, and after that I'm thinking about leaving my country to work & travel a little bit. Life in UK is better as most of my friends live there, way more options, etc. But finding new friends is impossible. And longing for your real friends and family is so tiring. So I know that I'm going to UK after studies to work a little bit, for my experience and knowledge. But I'm not staying there more than a year!
    Anyway, I see that you had the same situation as I had and now you know what you want & what are you going to do. I'm happy about you!
    P.S. Had strong feeling that you're latvian, but as I didn't know I had to write this in english. As you write here in english I see that it's not a prob! :>

    1. True, it's really hard to just leave everything and every good person here at home. I'm not against travelling or staying some month away, but I'm definitely not ready to leave forever.
      And you're right. I am Latvian :))

  2. First of all I would say you're pretty good in English :D
    and second... I totally understand both the pink glasses and the reality kick. I'm kinda in the same situation now but unfortunately I can't back down now and I'm under a lot of stress lately. I thought if I got this job (which I'm still not sure I'll get) it would all be great and I would have to go to Sweden for about 4 months (which is not that long but I'm extremely attached to my family and my country) and all would be great. I'm not so sure anymore. I applied and if they pick me I can't say no (you don't give up on opportunity like this) and now I'm totally confused.
    it's great that you realized everything before doing anything and that it was your decision and you're happy. that's all that matters.

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle