Books, for a cosy August evening.

Hello, my lovely readers.

First of all, I have no idea how to feel about the fact that it's August already. It was first of June like yesterday. Anyway, I'm pretty stressed about September and all the changes that it will bring.

But let's not stress now, we need to focus on the good last summer days. The thing that I will probably miss the most in autumn and winter will be those amazing warm evenings when you can still outside and the only problem is all the mosquitoes eating you.

The best scenario for a perfect August evening goes something like this - sitting in the garden with a large cup of delicious tea, eating the most delicious chocolate and reading some absolutely amazing book. Tea and chocolate are all up to you, which ones are  your favourites, but let me help you choose some absolutely nice book that are made excatly for evening like those.

How hard can love be by Holly Bourne - This is probably the most typical summer book I have read in last years. After reading this book, I really wanted to go to some summer camp and enjoy the summery forest, bonfires and everything that comes with it. Absolutely easy to read and absolutely enjoyable. The author has made sure that it's not the typical summer love book, it surely surprise us with some interesting and not excepted things.

White weddings by Milly Johnson - Books about weddings are always nice relaxation after a long day, especially like this one where three best friends are planning weddings. This , the same as previous book is full of surprises and absolutely doesn't end as we all think after reading the title. I think that's what makes books so amazing - that they end up not as we thought they will right?

Isla and the happily ever after by Stephanie Perkins - Everyone loves these trio books. The last one, I think, was the best one. This one was the most realistic one and it think it was also the main reason why I enjoyed it so much. Only, these kinds of books always, and I mean it, ends up as I have imagined. But I still love these books no matter what.

The art of not breathing by Sarah Alexander  - This is definitely my favourite book at the moment. It was absolutely perfect from page one till the last one. I think the main thing that made me love this book so much was that it was different from all the books I'm used to reading. The main plot was something new and interesting.

The Missing by C.L. Taylor - This book was my sister's idea. To be honest, I got a bit scared when I read that this is a thriller. Immediately I think of something scary or people killing each other and like that. Turns out it was more of a detective and something like that and I absolutely enjoyed it. This book shows you that not everytime the person you think is guilty is the guilty one and not everytime  time the most quiet person is the sweetest one.

Girl on the run by Jane Costello - I started reading this book yesterday and I'm already in love with it and half in the book. It's so amazing, it's easy to read it, funny and I keep on seeing a lot of common things with the main girl in the book. Can't tell my full opinon of this one, because it's still in the process, but I think I will absolutely love it,

I hope you got some new ideas for your next book. Sorry that I didn't excatly tell you about what each book is, because I have never been really good at it, I will definitely tell too much. So better see yourself.

All the love. Annie xx


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  1. I've been on the look out for some new books to read, a few of these sounds fab. Will definitely put them on my to read list.x