Staying motivated!

Hello, my lovely readers.

We all always have had lots of goals and plans what we want to reach. But sometimes we  lost our motivation and it doesn't matter if it's a big goal or a small goal. And that's why today I felt like sharing some good tips what may  help you keep motivated or get your motivation back

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can. 

 1. Get rid of distractions - Whenever I'm working on something, for example, a blog post right now, it's rally hard to focus if there's something all the time happening. So that's why I think the best is that whenever you have to do something, put your phone on silent mode and just don't look at it until you are done. Also, I have noticed that for me , whenever I have to write something ( it was mostly back in high school days) or when I had to learn something by heart the best time to do it was when I was home alone. So always find the best time to work on something and remember about the phone. Twitter will be there also when you finish.

2. Get some energy - Before you start, get yourself an energy, energy drink...whatever will hep you get fresh for your work. Funny, but I have noticed that whenever I sit down in front of my PC and open my blog to write I always have a coffee cup next to me. Always.

3. Get serious -  Make a decision to go all the way to the top. Up to now, you have thought about it. It's passed your mind. But now make up your mind to go all the way to the top, and your life will take off. It's strongly related to the positive thinking in my last post - always remember that our minds have a lot of power. If you will say to yourself that you can't do it....sorry, but you won't do it.

4. Find the good reasons -  You have to find the good reasons why you are doing this. For example, let's look at these four examples that lifehack,org gives us:
a material reward - probably this is going to be related to your work, you have to do it so you get paid at the end.
personal gain - this is just for you, you will learn something or improve your skills.
a feeling of accomplishment - you will be able to walk away feeling great about yourself that you did it and you had all the motivation to finish that work.
a step closer to your bigger goal - even the biggest accomplishments in history have started small and relied on simple and far less pleasant tasks than you might be working on. Every task you complete brings you closer to the ultimate goal and acknowledging this always feels good.

5.Treat yourself - After you have finished your whole work or just a part of it, it's still a big step closer to your goal. That's why you deserve a treat. Buy yourself something very delicious snack or a whole dinner or buy some new clothes or makeup. You deserve it. And if in the middle of doing your work you suddenly fee like giving up, remember that you won't get a treat unless you finish what you started.

These are the steps that could make your life a bit easier when working on something hard. Of course, it will be much different for every people but you can at least take a look at these and change it the way it will better go with you. If you have big plans then I wish you all the luck to do the best at it.

All the love. Annie 


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