Rock Festival OOTD

Hello, my lovely readers.

It's been one amazing weekend again and this time, it was thanks to one huge and absolutely amazing rock festival here in Latvia. It was such a random evening we are just talking about  maybe we could go and the next day I already have tickets in my hand.

I decided to make two different posts about this event. The first one will be about the outfit and some tips you can use for choosing your festival outfit and the second one will be about the festival and the city where it was. So yes, it was double adventure - another city and a festival.

The moment I knew we are going to this festival called ''Saldus Saule''. It's traditional Latvia rock festival, this was the 29th year when it's happening. (A huge party next year)So basically, if it's a rock festival you have to look real cool right?

The main thing you have to pay attention when choosing what to wear to the  festival is - will it be comfy enough? So you can absolutely forget about high heels,extra short skirts or extra fancy clothes. Also, the best would be to choose something you know you won't get cold in case it suddenly starts to rain. Actually, do please check the weather forecast so you know what to expect.

Also, I would recommend to leave your sandals at home or at least take extra pair of shoes ( sneakers for example) because I have heard enough stories about missing sandals or broken ones.

So here's my outfit. As you can see I choose all black outfit. Nirvana shirt, which I took from my friend, and I hope she won't need it back haha. A black plain jacket with fringes. Fringes is a must in festivals. Just be careful because you can easily entangle with others. One of my fringes got stuck in some woman's bag and when I tried to get it back she gave me a look like I was out of my mind. Note that she probably had too many beers that night.

Black high waisted shorts ( I was so happy when I found them) and black sneakers and a backpack because it's easier with it. To not look so dark I, of course, had my red lipstick and red nails.

Another must have in festivals are definitely temporary tattoos. Last summer when I went to Summer Sound festival,I bought some temporary tattoos there, this year I had already bought them and also I got ones for my birthday. ( I'm a huge fan of these) The best about these ones are that you can add them as many as you want and they look good no matter what.

Thing you must learn from me - if you go to festival with shorts and the festival is going to be all night long, please take with you som extra pants or something. My legs were freezing and I had no extra pants with me. But that's what mistakes are for right? To not to the same mistake next year.

I hope you enjoyed and stay connected for the next post about the festival. All the details!

All the love. Annie xx


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