Little adventure!

Hello, my lovely readers.

It's been a while since last time I shared some funny adventure stories from my life with you all. The main reason for it was that it was winter and cold and we didn't want any adventures when you are wearing so many clothes that they weight as much as you. Now its summer and I'm ready to share my first adventure with you all.

Please get comfy and get ready to laugh a bit.

You all have met Jeanette before in my posts. She came to me yesterday and she really wanted to see a pedestrian bridge that goes over railroad tracks. I live in a district that basically at the end of Riga...from my house it's like 20 minutes with a car and you are already in a different city. Anyway, we went to see this bridge and then I came up with an idea that we could walk till the city centre which is 20-30 minutes drive with a bus. If I'm correct I think it's something like 6km's. We were really excited about this and that's how the first selfie was made. Girls are ready for their little trek.

One of our first stops was supermarket where we got little lunch for more energy and lots of water.The day was pretty hot so it wouldn't be possible to walk without water.The next stop was when we were out of my district and we had pretty fast pace and I thought that after an hour we will be in the centre. ( I think at this moment you all understand that that soooo didn't happen)

Let's talk a bit about my outfit. So I'm wearing high-waisted shorts from Pull&Bear. Yes, I finally found the perfect shorts which I was searching for more than 2 years. The top is from H&M (of course :D) It was on huge sale and I got it only for 3 euros...I thought I needed to take at least 4 of them haha. Now back to the trip.

A mirage is a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky. For us,a mirage was this television tower, which, if you have every looked for info about Riga, is pretty popular.  The thing with this tower is that no matter here you are you always feel like you are really close to him and you just can't get pass it.

 Happy girls at the end of our trip...or that's what we thought it will be. We were almost there we could already see the highest buildings from centre ( if you look carefully you can see science academy which is at the very beginning of centre.) But of course, nothing will ever be easy.

Turns out that there's a place where a river makes a dam and it's quite wide and there's no way how we could cross it. So turns out there's also no way where would be some bridge or something so we have to go all the way back to the place where I said my district is ending.

Desperate searching for some bridge or for some narrow or sharrow place where we could cross it. Nothing absolutely nothing. Just a lot of random cars and weird squares, trails which lead to nowhere or ends suddenly.Also, to weird people in the middle of the forest who gets all stressed when seeing us. Attemted murder? Affair? The world may never know.  The strangest part about those two? They went to the cars immediately when saw us and .....they both had their own car....they didn't come together in one...strange right?

But at least we still have water and nice talks about how stupid we are but how fit our legs are going to be after this trip.
''Annie, I already feel tinier, we should do this more often!''

When we went all the way back to the place where my district ends we needed to walk next to a highway and there we got these refreshing milk-icecream shakes. Summer's in Latvia most of the years are really hot and we basically chose the hottest day to do this. I hope Jeanette will forgive me but I have to share this story with you.

So when we were walking Jeanette needed to fix her shirt into her shorts and she goes all like - Annie, omg I'm so sweaty, my hand basically swam into my back.  This wouldn't be quite funny if I at that moment would not be drinking water and trying to hold my didn't go quite well because all the water came out from my nose. Honestly, I didn't know it's possible. Now you see how stupid we actually are haha.  Cheers for that.

After all the laughs and talks we were back at the centre and at Jeanette's flat. This was honestly one small and funny trip and the best way how to start my vacation. Even if we didn't get out of our city we still were next to nature and it felt like miles away. 

It is really interesting feeling you can see the rush hour but you are so far away next to river and nature. And you feel absolutely nothing from it. That's one of the reasons why I love living in my district so much. It's not so far from the centre but you can easily feel the nature all around yourself. 

Honestly, I'm full of positive emotions from this and now we both feel like nothing can stop us. I'm sure you soon will be reading about other trips like this one. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

All the love. Annie xxx


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